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Anxious horse? You’ll both find peace of mind with BetaCALM.

Short-term performance. Long-term peace of mind.


BetaCALM Powder is a unique combination of four active ingredients:

Magnesium: For cell metabolism, especially in the nervous and muscular systems.

Vitamin E: A potent antioxidant that protects cell membranes.

Tryptophan: Converts into serotonin to induce calm and relaxation.

Thiamine: A well-known animal calming nutrient.


BetaCALM Paste is a unique formulation containing the optimal level of tryptophan plus four herbal ingredients to provide an enhanced calming effect.

Tryptophan:  Converts into serotonin to induce calm and relaxation.

Black Cohosh: A herbal extract commonly associated with mild relaxation in periods of stress or anxiety.

Passion Flower: A herbal extract that supports a calm and relaxed disposition.

Hops: A herbal extract often recommended as a tool against anxiety and stress, hops has a calming effect.

Ginger Root: Is believed to aid in the availability of dietary nutrients for digestion and metabolism and to facilitate the utilisation of available energy resources, thus soothing the horse.

Whether you’re training, travelling or competing, BetaCALM can make a real, natural difference to your horse’s mood and behaviour, helping them settle down and focus on the task at hand.


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