“He is finally a kids pony, Sofia and Puff can finally have fun together!”

Parents of children who ride know all too well the angst an unruly pony can cause, especially when that pony is a trusted and treasured member of the family.

“Puff” is exactly that family member in Nina Leonard’s family and especially so for her daughter Sofia.

Puff wasn’t truly unruly but he was showing all the warning signs of digestive upset and tummy troubles. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to tell as sometimes it’s a pony’s sole objective in life to be naughty, get up to “cheeky” antics and be a little bit more than notorious.

We’d all agree that when it comes to kids riding, there is no compromising on safety and we want our kids to love horses and riding, to experience the same experiences we have enjoyed and not be put off needlessly, especially when there is a solution that is within reach.

Nina says, “GastroAID Recovery has undoubtedly been a major reason for changing my daughter’s pony’s behaviour. Before GastroAID Recovery, “Puff” was downright dangerous for a child to handle on the ground.

He was irritable, would constantly windsuck when tied up, his coat was dull and he had this explosive and unpredictable behaviour. Under saddle, he was incredibly spooky and reactive in an undesirable way to aids. He was not suitable for a child to ride.

By chance, I met Suzanne and her team at an event and she introduced me to Natalie, who helped put a feed plan together for Puff.”

GastroAID Recovery became a major part of his new feed regime and his behaviour changed dramatically. He stopped windsucking when he was tied up. We don’t have anymore explosive behaviour, the irritability has stopped and he now loves being in hands and will seek your company.

He no longer spooks when ridden and responds well to his rider’s aids. He is finally a kids pony! Puff is a big part of our family and we are so grateful to the relief GastroAID Recovery has given him (and us). Sofia and Puff can finally have fun together as kids and their ponies should.”

“So very happy I met Suzanne and her team!”

Nina Leonard.




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