It’s back and Bigger than ever! Take the 21 Day Challenge today!

Gastro Health

Think your horse may need a digestive health product?

Already on one?

Not sure which product will benefit your horse most?

So many questions! Now you can put GastroAID or GastroHEALTH to the test! Kelato guarantee it so make the switch today.

So, What is the 21 Day Challenge?

Take the 21 day challenge with our product guarantee! If you are not satisfied you have seen an improvement in your horse in 21 days, we will supply your favourite Kelato product to the same value.


What improvements can I expect to see in my horse?
👌 Improved behaviour – healthy gut, happy horse!
👌 Improved feed conversion
👌 Improved coat condition
👌 Improved body condition and more

What’s so good about GastroHEALTH? Kelato Equine Nutritionist Natalie Hackl (BAnVetBioSc (Hons), BEqSc) explains what’s so good about GastroHEALTH, what the ingredients are, how they work and why they work!

FAQ: GastroHEALTH and GastroAID Digestive – what’s the difference?