If you love GastroAID Stabiliser, here is why you’ll love GastroAID Everyday even more!

Update, Upgrade and SAVE with GastroAID Everyday.

The time has come and Kelato’s GastroAID Stabiliser has now been discontinued. Why? GastroAID Stabiliser has been superseded by GastroAID Everyday, which has a more advanced and economical formulation for equine digestive health.

If you love GastroAID Stabiliser, read on and discover why you’ll love GastroAID Everyday even more!

We understand that once you have found a product that you trust and your horse loves, it can be a difficult decision to change. In this case, change is good. We guarantee it, and that’s why we have you 100% covered with our 21 day satisfaction guarantee. Make the switch from GastroAID Stabiliser to GastroAID Everyday and if you are not completely satisfied we will replace your product with a Kelato favourite of your choice to the same value. Simple as that!

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Update and Upgrade! How does GastroAID Everyday differ from GastroAID Stabiliser?

GastroAID Everyday has superseded GastroAID Stabiliser as it offers a number of added benefits to improve the digestive health of your horse. The GastroAID Everyday formulation has a longer-acting buffer to stabilise stomach acid, higher levels of coating agents to promote a healthy stomach lining, a more powerful prebiotic, an additional live yeast probiotic, as well as an antioxidant for general cellular health in the digestive tract.

It’s important to note that, like GastroAID Stabiliser, GastroAID Everyday is also a super palatable pellet! So, it’s also easy to feed and you know your horse will love to eat it, even straight out of your hand!

What are the GastroAID Everyday benefits for my horse?

GastroAID Everyday has helped thousands of horses around Australia and world-wide! By promoting optimal gut health and function, GastroAID Everyday can help your horse by improving:

  • Feed conversion efficiency
  • Appetite
  • Behaviour – less stressy, more relaxed in work 
  • Body condition and weight gain
  • Coat quality and shine
  • Manure consistency
  • Performance

GastroAID Everyday can help in the process of resolving common issues such as:

  • Recurrent colic
  • Leaky gut
  • Hindgut acidosis
  • Laminitis
  • Loose manure
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Behaviour problems
  • Poor performance

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How you will save with GastroAID Everyday?

In addition to added benefits, the formulation of GastroAID Everyday is concentrated to make it more economical on a cost per day basis.

For example, where GastroAID Stabiliser was 250g per day for a 500kg horse, the maintenance dose for GastroAID Everyday is only 80g per day, at most 120g per day for stress dose.

This means you get more and save more per dose, even if you are feeding the GastroAID Everyday stress dose!

Do you suspect your horse may have gastric ulcers?

Kelato has you covered! GastroAID Recovery is Kelato’s premium product, targeting both foregut and hindgut health, and aiding recovery from gastric ulcers and common digestive conditions. Find out more on GastroAID Recovery here: 

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We are here to help!

If you have any questions regarding the differences between GastroAID Stabiliser and GastroAID Everyday, please email Kelato’s Technical Manager, Natalie Hackl, on technical@kelato.com.au or call 0467 535 286.