Get them right with GastroAID Recovery

“GastroAID Recovery. It’s “the one that’s made such a difference.” When Hong Kong thoroughbreds reach the end of their racing career, caring owners entrust Amy Taylor, owner of International Thoroughbred Retirement (ITR), to prepare them for their next chapter in life. ITR’s mission is to give a retired racehorse not just a new home, but…

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gastroAID Recovery Testimonial Chautauqua

Superstar Chautauqua loves his GastroAID Recovery!

Chautauqua….. Now doesn’t that name conjure memories. The Grey Flash who won over $8.8 million Australian Dollars. 13 wins, 7 places from 32 starts. Six Group 1 wins. The 3rd greatest stakes-earning sprinter in Australian racing history. Famous for his ‘come from behind’ victories. Then in 2018, famous for not wanting to race. His owners,…

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Putting the polish on at Platinum Thoroughbreds Victoria

While it is said that presentation is everything, Rene and Sarah from Platinum Thoroughbreds Victoria say that presentation is the final thing. It’s that final polish which attracts the buyer’s eye and helps make the sale. It’s that final polish which makes their glorious stallions – Stryker and Scorpz (pictured) – gleam with health. Once…

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 Is Equine Asthma compromising your horse’s performance?

Traditionally, we’ve known Equine Asthma (EA) better as Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) which is now termed mild to moderate asthma, and Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) which is now termed severe asthma. A horse suffering from asthma exhibits the same symptoms you expect to see in humans with asthma: coughing, wheezing, and struggling to breathe. If…

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The benefits of antioxidants for breeding stallions.

When developing an appropriate feed program for stallions during breeding season it is important to treat each horse as an individual. Various factors such as age, breed, body condition, temperament, breeding frequency and workload should be taken into consideration. The stallion’s diet should meet all of his energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements. The physical…

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The complete video “Managing the Equine Gut for Optimal Health and Performance” is here!

Managing the Equine Gut for Optimal Health and Performance! When it comes to the gut health of your horse, getting the right advice and help is so important especially when we suspect the digestive health of our horses is suffering. We turn to people we trust for education and help. We team up with our…

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