Digestive Health

It’s a gut feeling!

You know your horse better than anyone. In those moments where they show you something is not 100% right, your thoughts turn to gut health.

Horses are a classic example of you only get out what you put in. You spend hours grooming, handling, training, fine tuning and generally caring for your horse to establish a connection and achieve the best results. In this instance, maintaining great digestive health shines through, not only in how they look and feel, but in how settled and happy they are within themselves and their work day to day.

Go with your gut! When you suspect gut health issues, trust the leaders in equine digestive health to help your horse.

We understand horses as individuals are subject to different stressors. Kelato has developed a range of digestive health products to help horses with different needs. Our products aid horses recovering from gastric ulcers and hindgut imbalances to those simply requiring general gut health maintenance

GastroAID Range

GastroAID Digestive. Trusted relief from the symptoms of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome and supports total digestive tract health.


GastroHEALTH. Total digestive tract supplement for enhanced protection and excellent gut health maintenance, everyday.

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