GastroAID Everyday®: The researched formulation that even has vets convinced!

As we always want to provide our horses with the best care, we often ask our customers for their feedback. That is why we spoke to Dr. Gemma Rush, a vet and proud horse owner located in South-West Victoria. She shared her insights regarding GastroAID Everyday with us and you’re going to want to keep reading about it!


Nutrition and supplements

Ensuring our horses receive the right nutrition all year round can be challenging for both veterinarians and horse owners, especially during the drier summer months. The reason for this is that during drier months, grass supplies can dwindle significantly, which often results in limited nutritional intake for horses. This reduction in fibre not only increases the risk of colic but also elevates stomach acidity, potentially leading to ulcers. Especially for ageing horses, like Dr. Gemma’s 29-year-old horse Buck, feeding the right nutrition becomes essential and supplements are often required. This is why Dr. Gemma chose to supplement her horse with GastroAID Everyday, which supports a healthy gut despite a reduced fibre intake.

“Unlike many products on the market, GastroAID Everyday is formulated to promote normal gut function, assisting your horse to access every component of their diet, even during gradual changes in their diet.”


Where GastroAID Everyday comes in handy

GastroAID Everyday was formulated with a true understanding of how a horse’s gut functions. Known as ‘hind gut fermenters’, a horse’s large intestine relies on good microbes to break down feed, specifically the fibre component, and then access the nutrients from this. GastroAID Everyday contains two live yeast probiotics that increase these good microbes, alongside a prebiotic component to nourish the microbes. Horses also have a similar stomach to humans, which uses gastric acid to break down feed such as pellets and grains in hard feeds. This is where GastroAID Everyday comes in handy as it helps with the following:

Buffers stomach acidity: acts as a buffer and reduces the acidity of excess gastric acid. This helps to maintain a healthy stomach environment.

Promotes healthy stomach lining: Psyllium husk and lecithin form a barrier over the stomach lining to help protect it from acid burn and strengthen the integrity of the mucosa.



Stress and health issues in horses

Stress is a major influencing factor on the function and health of a horse’s gut. This stress can be the result of increased exercise, reduced feed, illness, changing environments, transport, and other things as we all know horses get stressed very easily. GastroAID Everyday supports the normal, everyday function of the gut despite stress and changes, allowing it to be more flexible in accessing nutrients and improving the resilience of an upset gut.

For a horse, the result of an upset gut can be painful and traumatic. Dr. Gemma mentioned that as both a horse owner and a vet, the scariest thing to see is horses developing colic, which can be easily fixed but can also be very urgent and life-threatening for horses. Although GastroAID Everyday is not a colic preventative, it can maintain a healthy gut function and reduce factors that can lead to colic.


How GastroAID Everyday worked for 29-year-old horse Buck

Dr. Gemma moved Buck, her 29-year-old horse, from NSW to Victoria last year, which was a stressful moment for Buck as he usually stops eating if he is upset. That is why Dr. Gemma decided to up his GastroAID Everyday intake prior to travelling and when he arrived, he was doing very well.

“I really do believe it helped make sure he stayed healthy during this stressful time, despite the changes in diet and routine.”

On a daily basis, Dr. Gemma also makes sure that Buck has the appropriate amount of feed along with GastroAID Everyday to keep him shiny, happy, and healthy for his age. Dr. Gemma mentioned that Buck would also eat GastroAID Everyday just as it is, because it is very palatable.

“As a vet, I can truly recommend GastroAID Everyday based on both knowledge and research of the ingredients that are directly associated with gut health. I can see the difference it has made in my own horse.”


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