Protecting Equine Muscles

Equine Muscle

The muscle fibres of a horse are a huge asset to the racing or performance horse.  Without them, there’s not much to work with – so as well as building muscle mass, the muscles also need to be protected!

Low intensity exercise at an easy pace, allows for oxygen to replenish the muscles as he moves. In slower workouts antioxidants are important to assist in the removal of wastes, with carnitine is crucial to provide an efficient energy pathway for muscle contraction.

During fast work the muscle processes happen too quickly for oxygen to do its job and the horse is now completely dependent on the energy reserves in his muscles.

Carnitine unlocks muscle energy via fatty acids and delays the use of glycogen.  Glycogen is the main muscle energy reservoir and once this is depleted the muscles cramp and lactic acid takes over.  It’s proven that increasing muscle carnitine levels via oral ingestion increases the use of fat stores for energy, while reducing the use of glycogen – delaying lactic acid fatigue.

Carnitine loading also results in a more efficient glycogen and energy supply resulting in increased work output for a lower level of energy.

MuscleGUARD provides antioxidants to help remove wastes from energy production, protecting muscles from damage and promoting recovery plus Carnitine which is crucial for energy conversion and alpha linoleic acid which is essential for the horse to make his own carnitine.

So not only does MuscleGUARD provide direct carnitine to the muscles, it also provides substrates to help the horse manufacture its own carnitine during performance and day to day activities.

MuscleGUARD as a complete product has crucial components to assist the muscles during and after exercise to ensure you will get the most out of your horse’s muscles.