A must have liquid concentrate that reduces bleeding, promotes healing at miraculous speed, whilst preventing infection and proud flesh. The scar minimiser!


What is KelatoGEN?

KelatoGEN is an astringent and antiseptic treatment for new or pre-existing wounds.

KelatoGEN is very effective in treating cuts and wounds with miraculous speed while preventing infection and promoting hair growth. Wire cuts, scrapes, punctures, cracked heels, saddle sores, rain rot lesions and bites heal quickly and more effectively with a reduced chance of scarring.

KelatoGEN supports a healthy wound bed, which accelerates healing for all wounds and is specially balanced so that it does not harm the surrounding healthy tissue.

KelatoGEN also prevents excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh), thus minimising scars and restrictive movements. The reduction of proud flesh by the application of KelatoGEN eliminates the need for surgery.

KelatoGEN is a concentrated liquid formula. Suitable for dogs, cats and horses.

When do they need it?

KelatoGEN Concentrate can be used to treat all cases of superficial skin injuries, including proud flesh. It is also useful for:

  • Abscesses
  • Skin Ulcers
  • Eczema
  • Furunculosis (boils)
  • Otitis externa (inflammation of the ear canal)
  • Hoof treatments
  • Navel infections

KelatoGEN Concentrate can be diluted with water to:

  • Flush out wounds.
  • Spray ‘hard to access’ wounds or after surgery.
  • Treat acute and chronic endometritis (infection of the uterus).
  • Retain uterine tone during the puerperal (postpartum) period (its coagulating properties assists in eliminating retained foetal membranes).

 How KelatoGEN Works

 Antibacterial & fungicidal activity

  • KelatoGEN exerts antibacterial and fungicidal activity by virtue of its high acidity and phenolic character.
  • This, coupled with the activity of the condensed formaldehyde, makes a powerful antiseptic preparation.

Controls bleeding

  • Bleeding is controlled by the haemostatic action of KelatoGEN on the small capillaries leading to the wound area. (KelatoGEN causes vasoconstriction when applied to small blood vessels, thus reducing bleeding from the capillaries in the wounds.)

Promotes healing

  • Healing is promoted by the product’s astringent action, which gently cauterises the open blood vessels and promotes the growth of new tissue.

Features & Benefits

  • Promotes healing in new and pre-existing wounds.
  • Prevents excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh) and minimises scarring.
  • Reduces bleeding from wound capillaries when applied to small blood vessels.
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal capabilities- creating a powerful antiseptic preparation.
  • Removes exogenous debris such as dirt and grease.
  • KelatoGEN Concentrate can be diluted with water to flush out wounds or be made into a spray to target ‘hard to access’ wounds or after surgery.

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Ingredients & Directions


Each mL of KelatoGEN Concentrate contains:
360mg of the condensation products of meta-cresol monosulphonic acids and formaldehyde.

KelatoGEN Concentrate:

  • Dilute the concentrate and paint or spray the wound once daily until bleeding stops and wound commences healing.
  • Continue applying a 4% dilution or apply the ointment until the wound completely heals.
  • The pH of KelatoGEN Concentrate is 0.6 and a 4-5% dilution of KelatoGEN Concentrate in water has a pH of approximately 1.5.

Dilution Rates: To obtain the desired concentration of solution KelatoGEN Concentrate:

  • 20% = 20mL of KelatoGEN Concentrate made up to 100mL with water.
  • 4% = 4mL of KelatoGEN Concentrate made up to 100mL with water.
  • 2% = 2mL of KelatoGEN Concentrate made up to 100mL with water.
  • 1% = 1mL of KelatoGEN Concentrate made up to 100mL with water.


Wounds (new or old)


Surgical wounds, abscesses, eczema, furunculosis, hoof wounds

Paint with KelatoGEN Concentrate or irrigate with KelatoGEN Concentrate at a 10-20% dilution daily and continue treatment.

Haemorrhage/wound bleeding

Oozing skin conditions

Apply KelatoGEN Concentrate at 20% dilution.

Proud flesh during wound healing

Apply KelatoGEN Concentrate at 4% dilution.

Hoof treatment

After surgical cleaning, paint with KelatoGEN Concentrate 2 to 3 times.

Endometritis (infection of uterus)

200 to 400mL of 1 to 2% solution. Intrauterine instillation prior to insemination or service (the pH of the uterus returns to normal within 24 hours) or after insemination or service (allowing sufficient time for sperm to reach the oviducts).


KelatoGEN Concentrate – 100mL

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