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Delighted customers (and their horses) from across the world.

We were able to show a really significant protective effect in horses under very high ulcerogenic conditions. That research was very encouraging and it was really nice to see that Kelato have formulated that into GastroAID Recovery.


Since she’s been on BetaCALM Powder, Luna has been a dream. It took about a week for me to notice the change in her behaviour –

I began to ride and what a difference!

Mary Copeman

HoofPRIME is hands down the best hoof oil on the market!”

Marcy and 'Comanche'

On GastroAID Recovery he has a good appetite, 90% of his crankiness has gone, he is happier in himself, you can see he is content. And he has a healthy coat.

Sarah and 'Tooey'

“Within 48 hours of GastroAID Recovery, I had a different horse. He improved in every way and used to be a picky eater prior to GastroAID Recovery. I can confidently say after trying many other products, that Kelato truly outclasses its competitors with GastroAID Recovery.”

Emily and 'Mal'

Our horse was very tired and dead looking in the coat when he arrived. After MuscleBUILDA we really noticed a big change in his topline. We will be using and highly recommending this product!


Greg Mickan

“I have been using the PulmonAID Paste, as recommended, leading up to and during competitions for the past six months and have found it to be a safe, non-swabable alternative with great results.”

Pauline, WA
My mare had been experiencing various degrees of coughing for the past several months even after completing her vet’s antibiotic course. After using PulmonAID Paste we were able to enjoy a 2 hour bush trail with only 1 bout of 4 coughs. Her breathing was greatly improved even climbing hills. Definitely going to use this product again.
Carol, NSW

I cannot recommend GastroAID Recovery enough! It’s amazing!

Mary Copeman

Strawberry is still extraordinary at 21 years young, thanks to a bit of extra help from LoosenUP.  Strawberry has a known history of tying up, and after a product recommendation at an event and seeing the results they needed,  they’ll be sticking with LoosenUP for Strawberry “because it works!”

Zac, Tom and Strawberry

GastroAID Recovery is now the only supplement in Australia with 2 published clinical trials supporting its use! Research proven. Scientifically backed!


I discovered GastroAID Everyday as I had my brother who is a 4th year vet do some research into the best gut supplement and it was the best one he could find. He also spoke to some vet colleagues and they came back with the same verdict.

Ethan Height - Eventer, EA Level 1 Coach

Thanks Team Kelato, not only for products that work and the horses appreciate but products that are readily available and are also cost effective.

Jason Pateman Racing

I think people can feel confident that GastroAID Recovery really does help the horse from the stomach right through to the hindgut in one simple, affordable product.

Dr Bec Caslick BSc BVMS

“As a vet, I am really happy and confident to be able to recommend GastroAID Recovery and GastroAID Everyday to my clients, both on the racetrack and in the field. It’s just been unbelievable the turnaround!”

Dr Andrea Boland BSc.BVMS

I use the GastroAID Range in my own horses, and I recommend it to my clients.

Dr Ben Sykes trusts only GastroAID!


We started using Kelato GastroAID Recovery in Dec 2019. Coats now glow and temperaments are a lot more even. But the real benefit for our small stable, and our loyal clients, was the notable improvement in performance.

Jason Pateman Racing

We have found that GastroAID Everyday is completely palatable, everything is eaten up which we find is a huge help. Especially when the yearlings come in at first, they are quite fussy eaters. With GastroAID we find that nothing is left behind.

Sunhill Bloodstock

Thank you to Kelato Animal Health for your ongoing support, Olympia looks and feels great, all because of your awesome products.

Lexy Stansfield

GastroAID Recovery has played a huge role in bringing him back to being a healthy, happy horse.

Mandy Eaton

When the yearlings come in, we need them to get a good kick start from the beginning. We find with GastroAID Everyday, all our yearlings within the first 2 -3 weeks you can see a massive improvement within their coats, within their digestive system and how their daily performance is, for me is basically a no brainer that we use it, everyday!

Sunhill Bloodstock

It’s simple. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate changed this horse’s life and it’s now a staple in our feed shed for all our performance horses. We couldn’t be more happy or recommend this product enough! Thank you.

Benny Anderson Farrier Services
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