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Probiotics – Is there research to back them up?

There has been a lot of discussion of late as to whether there is research that backs up the use of probiotics in horses. The answer is YES! What is a probiotic? Probiotics are “direct-fed microbials” such as live yeast or bacteria that help maintain or restore the health of the intestinal microbiome. Probiotics impact…

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Update your on farm spring deworming strategy in 2021

Should ALL horses be dewormed in spring? Spring is here and the change in seasonal conditions means we need to start thinking about deworming our horses again. Rapidly growing pasture and warm, moist conditions provide an ideal environment for strongyles to start laying eggs. So, does this mean all horses should be dewormed? It now…

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Be Proactive. Not Reactive.

Did you know that low-grade lameness could be indicative of a bigger problem such as Osteoarthritis (OA)? This isn’t very surprising as everyday activity and exercise can contribute to normal wear and tear in the joints. Not just an old age problem…. A typical approach to equine joint care is to commence treatment once a…

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