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Hindgut Ulcers, Fact or Fake News?

As we continue to become more aware of horse gut health, the topic of “hindgut ulcers” is frequently raised. The horse’s stomach can develop ulcers, so does this mean their colon can as well? First, let’s take a look at what the hindgut is and what it does… The horse’s hindgut comprises the caecum, large…

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Be Proactive. Not Reactive.

Did you know that low-grade lameness could be indicative of a bigger problem such as Osteoarthritis (OA)? This isn’t very surprising as everyday activity and exercise can contribute to normal wear and tear in the joints. Not just an old age problem…. A typical approach to equine joint care is to commence treatment once a…

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What to do when your horse has inappetence (loss of appetite)

Horses are athletes and just like humans, they are required to maintain top condition in order to perform successfully. In striving to achieve high levels of athletic performance, horses are exposed to a variety of stress factors. Quite often horses in hard training develop stress-induced appetite reduction. As you continue to train your horse’s they…

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