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Get them right with GastroAID Recovery

“GastroAID Recovery. It’s “the one that’s made such a difference.” When Hong Kong thoroughbreds reach the end of their racing career, caring owners entrust Amy Taylor, owner of International Thoroughbred Retirement (ITR), to prepare them for their next chapter in life. ITR’s mission is to give a retired racehorse not just a new home, but…

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Rivercrest Park Stud swears by GastroAID Everyday!

“We at Rivercrest Park will be using Kelato GastroAID Everyday at the beginning of our weaning process and for any further sale preparations, both weanling and yearling.” Steve Hoare Rivercrest Park Stud has been using Kelato’s GastroAID Everyday for several months now and found that it can be used as a tool in maintaining a…

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Superhero antioxidants vs free radical villains

Antioxidants are well known for their health benefits in human nutrition and we are often encouraged to eat foods that are rich in these vital nutrients. Luckily for us, dark chocolate and red wine are potent sources of antioxidants… Of course, moderation is key and nutritionists will likely suggest certain fruits and vegetables as healthier…

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