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How to ensure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need?

With the overabundance of concentrate feeds and supplements available to horse owners, selecting the right feed programme for your horse may seem like a daunting task. The evolution of the internet has brought knowledge to our fingertips and with a single click of a button we can quickly access all sorts of information. However, search…

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Putting the polish on at Platinum Thoroughbreds Victoria

While it is said that presentation is everything, Rene and Sarah from Platinum Thoroughbreds Victoria say that presentation is the final thing. It’s that final polish which attracts the buyer’s eye and helps make the sale. It’s that final polish which makes their glorious stallions – Stryker and Scorpz (pictured) – gleam with health. Once…

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Can BiotinMAX Make the World of Difference for Your Horse?

Gemma and Buck Say Yes! Vet student Gemma knows the principles of how a hoof works. So why were Buck’s hooves consistently cracking? Why were they soft and splaying out? She had the farrier out every six weeks. Buck was not on hard ground. Why was he experiencing hoof pain through recurring abscesses? Buck is…

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