Elizabeth Griffiths

#TeamKELATO on the road to #Tokyo2020


Having qualified already for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo with her mare Matavia Furst Lady (Lizzie pictured), Adelaide-based para-equestrian athlete and Kelato SuperGEN rider, Elizabeth Sobecki (m. Griffiths) says her selection now depends on achieving high scores in her upcoming competitions over the next three months.

Riding since age nine, Liz knew right away that pursuing the Olympic dream would be her lifetime goal. Diagnosed at age sixteen with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system, and then two years later with Fibrous Dysplasia, a degenerative bone disease, when the rest of her friends were graduating high school, Liz was in a wheelchair, requiring nurses to help feed and shower her. Doctors agreed she would not ride again. Determined to prove them wrong, Liz started competing in dressage as a para-athlete. And compete she did – very successfully!

With a top ten finish at the World Equestrian Games in 2014, winner of the 2014 Grandeur Press Sports Award, multiple Grand and Reserve Championships, member of the 2017/2018 National Para-Equestrian squad and gold medal winner in the Dressage SA High Performance Medal Scheme, Liz’s accomplishments continue to grow yearly.

Currently in the best of health, Liz and her doctors attribute this to her determination, her riding and her healthy lifestyle.

Liz’s absolute favourite Kelato product that has improved the lovely Lizzie out of sight has been ZanoBOLIC! She has watched her muscle development over the last few months and has been very impressed. Liz says, “She isn’t the easiest horse to build and maintain muscle, but with ZanoBOLIC I believe this has been possible!”Another winning product for me has also been GastroHEALTH! Best of all, this very fussy horse has welcomed GastroHEALTH into her daily diet.

I also just can’t believe the shine in her coat since starting her on these products. She is feeling great on the inside and looking even better on the outside!”


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