Rebekah Italiano

Bek Italiano

Rebekah started riding at the age of 4 when she got her first pony and not long after that she joined Pony Club. She started competing at a professional level at the age of 17 when joining Equestrian Australia. For the past eleven years she has had a great team of successful horses each of whom she has been able to consistently take to different levels including re-educating a number of off-the-track thoroughbreds and allowing them to have a new life after finishing their racing career.

Rebekah competes all year round travelling throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia at both National and International level. She has become well known on the Eventing circuit and she has excelled through Equestrian Australia competitions on a number of different horses. She is currently competing successfully at 3* level and now qualified 4* on her top horse, Wilson. Rebekah’s goal is to continue to compete successfully at 3* and compete at Adelaide 4* later this year. She has the determination and talent to go far, with the desire to one day represent Australia at the World Equestrian Games or Olympic Games.

Some of Rebekah’s amazing career highlights include CIC 3* Tonimbuk International Horse Trails 2016 1st Place, CCI 2* Melbourne International Three Day Event 2015 5th Place (Highest placed Victorian), CIC 2* Ballarat International Horse Trails 2015 1st Place and CCI 2* Lakes and Craters Three Day Event 2013 1st Place.