Spirit Lodge Performance Horses

Spirit Lodge Performance Horses

Christopher Wilkinson and Natalie Roach are the amazing pair behind Spirit Lodge Equestrian Centre at Pembrooke NSW. Both riders have an extensive background in eventing, dressage, showjumping and the racing industry. Chris specialises in starting young horses for all disciplines and is highly regarded in both the racing and performance horse industries for his abilities as a breaker and to turn around difficult horses. After acquiring his first Warmblood, Chris began his dressage journey. Natalie started her riding career through Pony Club in SA and she began riding other people’s horses for showjumping and eventing, leading her to the racing industry. Her dressage career began in the year 2000 after returning back from working with racehorses in Japan.

In 2018, there was a major focus on their two talented four year olds, with both attending the Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney CDI. Their home bred German Riding Pony x Warmblood placed 3rd overall at all three events and Chris’ young Warmblood placed Top 10 in Melbourne, with their other horses placing at 6th and 8th at the Brisbane event.


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