Integrative Veterinary Care

What is Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC)?

IVC aims to provide 360 degree care using a combination of conventional veterinary medicines and all natural supplements that are backed by science to create lifelong well-being for your pet.


Is IVC effective?

IVC solutions provide vets and your pets with scientifically backed formulas, such as the Kelato Pet Care range that are naturally safe, effective and easy to use. IVC for your pet brings together the conventional veterinary approach to health care with nutraceutical supplements that are also provided through your vet.


The Kelato Pet Care range promotes IVC

The Kelato Pet Care range is an exciting new comprehensive IVC solution made by vets for vets to deliver long-term IVC from your vet to your pet.

The Kelato Pet Care range was created with IVC at its core to naturally improve your pet’s vitality and enhance their health for their whole life so they are healthy long into old age too.


Kelato Pet Care is unique

Each Kelato Pet Care formulation supports both dogs and cats experiencing common health conditions, contains no fillers, is palatable, easy to give and you only need to add a small amount to any diet.

These unique proprietary and synergistic blends are safe and enhance health when facing the most common disease conditions of both dogs and cats such as dental, vision, ageing and cognition, liver, gut, mobility and anxiety.


Why vets trust Kelato Pet Care and IVC

Each formula is a highly potent, scientific blend of natural phyto – or plant chemicals and marine nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals. These natural supplements are extremely palatable, and easy to mix.

The Kelato Pet Care range as directed by your vet is the best way to naturally deliver the IVC holistic needs of your pet and is the future of sustainable health care for dogs and cats in clinics around the world.

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