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PulmonAID Paste
PulmonAID Paste 2 Pack

The easy to use, effective respiratory supplement to support stamina and endurance is here! PulmonAID Paste is a concentrated boost of key ingredients to provide short-term and convenient pulmonary and respiratory support.

ZanoBOLIC Concentrate

ZanoBOLIC concentrate is a lysine and refined rice bran embryo extract (gamma oryzanol) supplement that aids in the development of lean muscle, topline and improves coat condition.


SwellDOWN is a clay poultice that quickly takes heat out of inflammation, reducing swelling and overall leg soreness.
Can be used on broken skin & easy to wash off.


Owning a mare often involves a rollercoaster of emotions – for both the mare and the owner! A mare’s mood swings are typically accompanied by irritability, muscular tension, erratic behaviour patterns and a generally uncooperative attitude. This quintessential “mare-ish” behaviour can cause disruptions to training and competition schedules, as some mares become reactive, hard to handle or unfocused in their work.

GastroAID Recovery

GastroAID Recovery is Kelato’s ultimate supplement, targeting both foregut and hindgut health, supporting recovery from gastric ulcers and other common digestive conditions.

About Kelato

Kelato Animal Health is an Australian owned company dedicated to producing a range of horse health and nutrition products that help horses feel well so they perform well. As passionate horse people ourselves, we are proud of our quality products which are recognised for their ability to maximise your horse’s condition, performance and general well-being.


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