Prolonging strength, power, and condition for your horse – We’ve got you covered!

Whatever discipline we do, we all share the same interest in creating a strong, muscular appearance in our horses. This all has to do with the overall condition of the horse.

When setting the goal of improving our horse’s health and appearance, we need to consider several factors. These factors influence how we build strength, power, and condition in our horses. Achieving our desired goal requires careful consideration of the right supplement in combination with various other factors which we will highlight in this article.



Poor nutrition significantly impacts muscle growth and topline development. Checking if you are feeding your horse a well-balanced, high-quality protein diet will enable them to fuel muscle development and growth. If your horse is lacking in quality protein, your horse won’t have access to the right quantities of essential amino acids from protein to build muscle and topline.

Alongside a well-balanced diet with high-quality protein, supplements can be very effective in supporting your horse’s overall condition. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate® contains gamma oryzanol and lysine, which is crucial for optimal protein synthesis. It ensures that your horse receives the right quantities of essential amino acids necessary for building muscle and that strong topline we’re all looking for.



Besides nutrition, building strength, power, and condition requires consistent and correct exercise. Finding the best exercises for your horse that you can implement in a consistent training schedule is key, along with making sure muscles can recover and build. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate integrates seamlessly into your horse’s training schedule as it enhances the effectiveness of exercise. In addition to that, ZanoBOLIC Concentrate helps maintain lean muscle mass and promotes overall strength and power.

Handy tip: As your horse’s topline improves, they will need regular saddle re-fitting as uncomfortable pressure points can develop. Young horses also require regular adjustments in saddle fit as their bodies continue to grow and develop.



Like with any animal, the ageing process can heavily impact the overall condition of your horse. As horses age, maintaining muscle mass and strength becomes increasingly challenging. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate can help by providing essential nutrients needed for muscle preservation and development. Whether your horse is young or old, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and condition are extremely important.


The benefits of a muscle-building supplement like ZanoBOLIC

A muscle-building supplement can provide your horse the extra support it needs for optimal strength, power, and condition. When combined with exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet, ZanoBOLIC Concentrate enables the body to increase lean muscle mass and build topline. It also has the action of continuing to build upon existing muscle mass where horses have already begun the muscle development process through exercise. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate contains gamma oryzanol and the addition of lysine, a limiting amino acid that needs to be obtained through the diet to not impact protein synthesis. The product continues to promote lean muscle mass and strength whilst acting as a potent antioxidant to help fight against free radical damage that might occur in the muscles during intense exercise.

Alongside the benefit of muscle development, ZanoBOLIC Concentrate deepens and shines your horse’s coat and can help with improving your horse’s appetite. With its highly concentrated formulation, you only need to feed 10 – 30g per day!


What’s next?

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