Visible results for the mighty ‘Penguin’ and SLH Performance Horses

Nat and Chris, from SLH Performance Horses, had been struggling with the overall body condition of 5-year-old warmblood ‘Penguin’ for a while. Penguin struggled to build body condition and visible topline. Kelato’s MuscleBUILDA® was just the solution Nat and Chris were looking for.


Nat and Chris were looking for a quick boost for Penguin’s muscle mass

As a stressed and nervous horse, Penguin has struggled with several issues including lack of muscle definition, poor topline, irritability, poor coat condition, weight loss, and problems keeping on weight. This made him an ideal candidate for testing MuscleBUILDA‘s effects. With the aim of preparing Penguin to compete in dressage competitions, Nat and Chris were very eager to see whether MuscleBUILDA could give that quick boost they were looking for.


Kelato’s MuscleBUILDA laid the foundation before maintaining with ZanoBOLIC

Kelato’s MuscleBUILDA is a 2 in 1 muscle building supplement containing Gamma Oryzanol and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which support the building and repairing of lean muscle and topline. The building and repairing with MuscleBUILDA happens during the initial stages of building muscle mass in horses that lack muscular condition. It facilitates quick development of lean muscle, making it ideal for horses lacking muscle mass or those needing to bulk up quickly, such as for show preparation.

ZanoBOLIC is the perfect choice for horses needing to build and maintain muscle mass by building upon existing muscle after the initial muscle building phase.

Having used Kelato’s products for a long time, Nat and Chris were excited to try out the new MuscleBUILDA to see quick results on Penguin. From the start Nat reported that Penguin experienced no issues with eating the supplement and enjoyed every meal.

MuscleBUILDA proved to be very palatable to the mighty Penguin. I simply poured it on his feed and Penguin took care of the rest.” – Nat

From building blocks to long lasting results

Within two weeks of using MuscleBUILDA, Nat and Chris already started noticing a change in Penguin’s coat, going from being in a poor condition to having more shine and looking much healthier overall. In addition to that, they also reported a significant change in Penguin’s topline which started to build.

MuscleBUILDA provided the building blocks for Penguin to kick-start his muscle and topline development. To help Penguin continue to build and maintain muscle, Nat and Chris then transitioned Penguin onto ZanoBOLIC and found his body condition, appetite, and coat shine continued to improve.

MuscleBUILDA was simple to use and taken well with apparent, lasting results. After trying everything else, this product made noticeable differences to Penguin’s condition and the results have lasted after swapping to ZanoBOLIC.” – Chris



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