Can BiotinMAX Make the World of Difference for Your Horse?

BiotinMAX Concentrate

Gemma and Buck Say Yes!

Vet student Gemma knows the principles of how a hoof works. So why were Buck’s hooves consistently cracking? Why were they soft and splaying out? She had the farrier out every six weeks. Buck was not on hard ground. Why was he experiencing hoof pain through recurring abscesses?

Buck is her much-loved dressage horse and she needed to find a way to improve his hooves by producing greater stability, reducing fragility, prevent cracking and decreasing the risk of those painful abscesses. Even his annual dental appointment was difficult. The pressure on his front feet from the sedation left him lame for a week!

Gemma knew from her vet studies that biotin played a role in contributing to the development of healthy and strong hooves. She knew biotin reduced the risk of hoof-based diseases by increasing the horse’s intrinsic resistance.

Gemma knew regular farrier work and Buck’s weight were particularly important but adding biotin to his diet would give him the extra edge he needed. She was on the hunt for an effective biotin supplement. Researching ingredients, Gemma knew Kelato’s BiotinMAX Concentrate met the biotin levels she was looking for.

“Buck’s been on BiotinMAX Concentrate for 9 months now and it’s made the world of difference. He’s more comfortable walking on different terrains. The cracks have reduced 10-fold and the best news, he hasn’t had an abscess in months!”, says Gemma. “His recent dental was a great test. He is always slow to recover from sedation and even with all the extra pressure on his forelegs, this time he recovered without lameness, completely sound. I couldn’t believe it!”

Gemma says, “Just do it. Commit to using BiotinMAX. It’s the easiest way to improve and support your horse’s hooves – just add one scoop daily. It can take a couple of months to see consistent improvements but they will come. You will not regret it!”


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