Off the track Thoroughbreds are in for a treat at Beyond Racing

Beyond Racing

When three experienced and well-credentialled equestrians decided more could be done to support retired racehorses and make a difference in their lives, Beyond Racing was established in February 2020. Charity directors Lisa North, Lyn Shand and Lou Abey went about setting up a structured way to support more horses in their retirement. With access to 900 acres across three different locations in Victoria, the lucky thoroughbreds selected are in for a treat.


What to Expect at Beyond Racing

The program focuses on Off the Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB) overall health and well-being, quality retraining and appropriate rehoming into suitable long-term equestrian homes. The three Ls – Lisa, Lyn and Lou – have the knowledge and experience to give these horses the very best training and care.


Their Supplements of Choice

Choosing Kelato Animal Health products for Beyond Racing’s horse health program was an easy choice, says Director Lyn Shand. Having used Kelato products for many years with their own horses, the directors knew that they’d be delivering top quality products generating great outcomes for their charges. Lyn says, “Kelato products allow us to better care for more retired racehorses and ensure their health is maintained and any specific health issues are addressed.”


What is Beyond Racing’s Favourite Product?

Asked for a favourite, BetaMARE was the answer. Lyn said, “I’m not a big believer in these types of products and I was pleasantly surprised to see the difference on the first mare I tried it on. I’ve since used it on a couple of others, and it’s been successful. There’s nothing else like it on the market. We were encouraged to try it through word of mouth and testimonials. With its easy-to-use container and effective formulation, BetaMARE provides tangible results – better behaved mares when they’re affected by hormones.”


Day-to-Day Favourites

AppeTITEHoofPRIME and AminoGLOSS are three other day-to-day favourites of the Beyond Racing team. When managing their horses’ high impact activities, KelatoLYTENutriFLEX & SwellDOWN are called into play.


The Beyond Racing Directors’ Message is Clear

The message from Beyond Racing is clear. “Kelato produces a range of sensible, practical, easy to use products which cover the most common health issues along with great maintenance products allowing horse owners to keep their horses in top shape, both inside and out. Try the Kelato products. You’ll be pleased with the quality & effectiveness & their easy-to-use packaging.”


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