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Whether you’re involved in show jumping, breeding, showing, racing, dressage, eventing or just ride for pleasure, your horse’s gut health plays an integral role in their overall performance and well-being. Gut health is a hot topic and for good reason! Research shows that modern feeding practices and daily stressors significantly impact the health of the horse’s digestive tract, no matter what discipline you do.

Despite your best efforts to follow good feeding and management practices, your horse could be subject to a range of digestive problems such as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), hindgut acidosis, and more.

Strategies to combat ESGD and EGGD with Dr Ben Sykes.

Leading equine veterinarian Dr Ben Sykes’ (BSc BVMS MS MBA DipACVIM PhD FHEA) research has primarily focused on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) with an interest in nutraceutical strategies to help combat the disease. The promising results of Ben’s research are what gives him confidence in recommending GastroAID Recovery.

Kelato has developed two Complete Gut Health Solutions to suit every horse’s needs.

Formulated to ensure your horse’s total digestive system functions normally, they are suitable for everything from combating digestive conditions to simply maintaining optimal gut health.

Kelato’s GastroAID Recovery and GastroAID Everyday help to maximise digestion, promote feed conversion efficiency and improve your horse’s general daily health and performance. It’s now easier for you to find the best gut health solution for your horse’s individual needs.

GastroAID Recovery

Supports optimal digestive health and function in horses under stress. 

What is GastroAID Recovery?

GastroAID Recovery is Kelato’s ultimate supplement targeting both foregut and hindgut health.

GastroAID Recovery provides the key “alkaline slime” ingredients that help buffer gut pH and promote healthy gut mucosa.

GastroAID Everyday

Daily support and maintenance of good gut health. 

What is GastroAID Everyday?

GastroAID Everyday is formulated to maintain the health and function of the total digestive tract. Its daily use acknowledges the importance of optimal digestive function for a healthier, happier horse.

GastroAID Everyday is particularly beneficial for hindgut health due to the unique, powerful prebiotic and two live yeast probiotics. Just like our digestive system, the horse’s gut contains ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. The balance between these bacteria can be easily disrupted. If the presence of bad bacteria outweighs the good, it can negatively impact your horse’s well-being. An unhealthy gut means an unhappy horse.

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