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Reduces risk of mild exercise-induced muscle damage, soreness and stiffness in performance horses and promotes a healthy immune system.

What is LoosenUP?

LoosenUP is a high-quality antioxidant supplement containing a blend of vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, magnesium and chromium to support horses during times of illness, stress, recovery from injury and strenuous exercise.

How does LoosenUP work?

Free radicals are harmful by-products of oxidation, which is a normal metabolic process that speeds up during exercise. Free radicals can cause irreparable damage to cells and must be removed in order for your horse to maintain peak performance and recovery post-exercise.

LoosenUP provides a blend of antioxidants that aid in eliminating free radicals, protecting the muscle cells from their deleterious effects and minimising subsequent stiffness and soreness.

Antioxidants – Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium

  • The main function of vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium is to protect cell membranes from irreversible damage caused by free radicals during oxidation (e.g. exercise).
  • Because of its water-soluble nature, vitamin C can work both inside and outside the cell to combat free radical damage.
  • Vitamin C also helps by regenerating vitamin E.
  • Selenium works in conjunction with Vitamin E to maintain the cell-protecting action of Vitamin E by detoxifying peroxides.
  • Antioxidants also boost the immune system by protecting the immune cells from free radical damage.


  • An essential mineral required for energy production.
  • Vital for normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Relaxes nerve impulses and reduces nervous behaviour in some horses.
  • Activates many enzymes in the body.


  • Helps restrict lactic acid accumulation during exercise.
  • Chromium supplementation is vital for optimal muscle development.
  • Chromium enhances the activity of insulin. Insulin is vital to many body functions, most importantly dealing with dietary sugar, and in facilitating muscle growth.
  • Maintains regulation of glucose metabolism.

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600g, 2kg, 4kg

Ingredients & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Unique blend of antioxidants and minerals to reduce the risk of mild exercise-induced muscle damage, soreness and stiffness
  • Maintains normal muscle and nerve function for better athletic performance
  • Accelerates recovery time
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Ideal for horses recovering from illness, surgery or injury
  • Non-swabbable. Use in accordance with competition rules and regulations.


Per 30g:

  • Vitamin E – 1000mg
  • Vitamin C – 500mg
  • Selenium – 2mg
  • Magnesium – 3000mg
  • Chromium Yeast – 5000mg (equivalent to 5mg chromium)

Directions for Use

Top dress the feed according to the following recommendations:
  • Horses – 30g per day
  • Ponies – 20g per day

LoosenUP can be used in conjunction with Kelato’s MuscleGUARD paste to minimise muscle soreness and fatigue. MuscleGUARD is ideal in the lead up to the event, while LoosenUP is designed to support hardworking horses on a daily basis.

*NB – Seek veterinary advice if symptoms of muscle damage, soreness and stiffness persist.


  • 600g – (20 days supply*)
  • 2kg – (66 days supply*)
  • 4kg – (133 days supply*)

*based on 500kg bodyweight

This product is manufactured in a GMP approved facility.

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