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Need an effective deterrent? RedHOT stops unwanted chewing.

Chewing can be a part of normal animal behaviour, however, in excessive amounts, it could mean there is another issue potentially causing it. As dog owners, we are all very used to having a puppy that loves to chew! Whether that be on toys, their beds, or even your precious items. One of the ways puppies investigate their surroundings is through chewing but this can quickly turn into an issue if that cute, little four-legged animal struggles to stop the behaviour.


If your puppy is on a chewing spree there are a few things that can help nip this habit in the bud:

  • Puppies love to chew during their teething stage. During this time provide a safe toy for your puppy to be able to chew on.
  • If your dog chews excessively to the point of injuring itself, seek advice from a veterinary
    behavioural specialist. They could be suffering from separation anxiety or loneliness.
  • Check your pet isn’t chewing from a lack of exercise or hunger.
  • Incorporate a bitter-tasting paste or spray like Kelato’s RedHOT range to be placed onto items to deter chewing!


Use RedHOT Spray on dog beds, household items, blankets, and bandages. Use RedHOT Paste if you need to effectively coat hard surfaces such as kennels. Remember, finding the cause of the chewing behaviour early on can help with reinforcing positive behaviour in your pet. Successfully stopping unwanted chewing will require you to incorporate many management tools.


Can I also use RedHOT for my horses?

Some dog owners will also have a slightly larger four-legged animal to also care for…..a horse! Often referred to as “vices”, stereotypic behaviours are learned behaviours that are repeated without any apparent or obvious purpose or function. A common vice in horses can include cribbing and once established, a stereotypic behaviour may become a need in itself. Cribbing is a repetitive behaviour where the horse places its upper teeth against a flat surface, arches its neck and pulls backwards with its body while making a grunting sound. Windsucking is similar to cribbing, but the horse doesn’t grasp an object with its teeth. Contrary to belief, cribbing horses don’t swallow air.

The main cause of cribbing can be due to sub-optimal living conditions such as physical confinement, social isolation or problems with diet and feed management. Implementing appropriate management practices that consider the horse’s natural behaviour is essential in preventing or reducing stereotypical behaviours.


  • Minimise stable confinement
  • House with compatible companions
  • Consider altering stable design – stable design should permit social contact between compatible horses with the option to touch and react. E.g. open partitions consisting of bars or grille
  • Provide a forage-based diet where the horse has access to free-choice forage
  • Provide enrichment – Provide feeding puzzles that contain a food reward. Toys such as horse balls or hanging toys. It’s important to have an assortment of toys, so you can change them every couple of days.
  • Use Kelato’s RedHOT range on bandages, leg wraps, rugs, tails, and stables to deter unwanted chewing and biting.


Young horses are at the greatest risk of developing stereotypic behaviours. If the behaviour starts while the horse is young, it will often continue the practice throughout its life. Kelato’s RedHOT Spray and RedHOT Paste are stable essentials to deter unwanted chewing and biting behaviour. The safe, non-toxic formulation contains chilli to help stop your horse or dog in its tracks!


RedHOT Spray and Paste washes off easily and is not known to stain. However, we recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area if you are concerned.

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