Understanding Ulcers- Chloe’s Story

After GastroAID

Did you know that Gastric Ulcers are one of the most common issues that equine vets deal with every day? They are caused by an unnatural build-up of stomach acid which damages the stomach lining and they don’t always show up upon scoping.

It’s not just racehorses who are prone to ulcers, between 50 and 60% of performance horses are also affected, and they can develop as a result of stress, being worked on an empty stomach, being stabled or kept in a small yard and being unable to forage for extended periods.

Management options vary but thousands of horse owners have experienced great success by using a Gastric Health supplement to help line the stomach and help improve digestion.

Sydney rider Chloe Davies is one of those, and after seeing the remarkable difference GastroAID made in her Thoroughbred ‘Halo’, she was eager to tell her story.

Tell us about Halo:

Halo is my chestnut Thoroughbred mare, I bought her as a project horse to Event with about a year after her racing career had finished

You were having some problems with her, what were they?

When I bought her she wasn’t in great condition but no matter what I did, she just didn’t improve. Her coat was dull, she was girthy, I couldn’t put weight on her and she was just generally sour. Her attitude towards work actually got worse over time.

What treatment options did you explore?

I did some research and felt that she probably had ulcers, I tried one product but it made no difference and I found out that it removes the good as well as the bad gut enzymes. I was looking at other options in Horseland and one of the girls there spoke to me about GastroAID, I asked a million questions, she listed all the benefits and I couldn’t find any disadvantages.

Did it work?

I noticed a difference within two weeks and she just kept improving. Six months on she’s fantastic! She’s completely changed for the better, has put on a heap of weight, doesn’t mind having her saddle area touched and is a pleasure to ride and be around.

Was GastroAID easy to use?

I’ve used both GastroAID Recovery and GastroAID Everyday and she responded to both products. I found the pellets easiest to give her, and I’m still using them because when I take her off them she seems to get a bit of attitude back.

Would you recommend GastroAID?

I still can’t believe the difference it made, Halo is loving life like she should be and I have a fantastic horse! I can’t thank you enough for producing such a great product that really works, I would recommend it to anyone.


Before GastroAID


After GastroAID

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