BetaMARE New Size

Happy mare, no more glary stare!

You asked. We listened! BetaMARE is NOW AVAILABLE in a 3.78L size

If you’re struggling with your mare’s mood swings or what we refer to as Moody Mare Syndrome (MMS), consider Kelato’s BetaMARE which is a concentrated, standardised chasteberry extract supplement that supports normal balanced behaviour in moody mares.

Chasteberry has a long traditional history of use to help balance behaviour fluctuations in mares. Supplementation with chasteberry can help improve the mare’s mood, aiding relaxation and cooperation.

What makes BetaMARE unique?

A common problem with feeding raw herbs (whether whole, dried or powdered) is the variation between batches. The level of actives in raw herbs can be influenced by a range of factors such as stage of growth, seasonal and environmental conditions (soil type, pH, water, etc). So it is difficult to determine an effective feeding rate unless a standardised herbal extract is used. For this reason, Kelato Animal Health use a concentrated, standardised chasteberry extract in BetaMARE to ensure consistency and efficacy between product batches.

BetaMARE can benefit your mare by:
• Promoting balanced behaviour
• Reducing irritability and mood swings
• Providing a natural remedy for tension
• Aiding focus for consistent performance
• Improving willingness to work

Kelato’s BetaMARE supports normal balanced behaviour to help her keep the balance. Naturally!

Want to find out more?

Head to the BetaMARE page, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email

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