Feel well Perform well. Jason Pateman Racing are feeling it in their horses and seeing it in improved performance.

“In the last 12 months, we have incorporated the inclusion of Kelato products in our racing endeavours. We started using Kelato GastroAID Recovery in Dec 2019. We noticed an immediate difference in the horses in our care. Their appetites improved, feed absorption rates were more apparent and their general health improved. We pride ourselves on a more holistic approach to our training methods and this product from Kelato has fit into our system beautifully.

Coats now glow and temperaments are a lot more even. But the real benefit for our small stable, and our loyal clients, was the notable improvement in performance.

Our current strike rates for the last 12 month is 15.7% runners to winners and 41.4% runners to placegetters. The social media tag #feelwellperformwell is definitely apparent for us.



We have also more recently incorporated KelatoLYTE and PulmonAID. I’m also keen to try the NutriFLEX with our older stable star Gunnago when he returns in the New Year.



I am very happy to share with peers and other equestrians the benefits of using Kelato products and have often suggested Kelato products when asked for suggestions for horse health and wellbeing.

Thanks Team Kelato, not only for products that work and the horses appreciate but products that are readily available and are also cost effective”.

Sarah Pateman

(Jason Pateman Racing)


Find out more about how GastroAID Recovery or GastroAID Everyday can benefit your horse.  If you would like more information, please get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email technical@kelato.com.au.


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