Cotton Wool Roll 375g

Highly absorbent cotton wool for stabling, transport and injury.

Highly absorbent cotton wool in a pack size suitable for the stable and transport.

Features and Benefits

  • Support: Cushioned padding provides support for the fetlock, hock and tendons
  • Insulation: Helps keep tendons and muscles warm when exercising and travelling
  • Wounds: Can also be used as a wound dressing for infected and discharging wounds, plus provides protective wound padding


Each roll is individually wrapped to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Directions for Use

  • Can be used as a wound dressing for infected and discharging wounds.
  • Provides protective wound padding.
  • Suitable for use on all animals.



  • Each Cotton Wool Roll is 30cm wide, 3.5m in length and 375g in weight.


This product is manufactured in a GMP approved facility.


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