Your horse feels better with BetaCALM

We all know what it’s like to have an unfocused horse on our hands – even the simplest task becomes a struggle. Whether it’s loading on the float, performing in the ring or staying settled on the trail, we rely on our horses to be cool and collected for what’s ahead when training, travelling or in competition.

To help riders and horses maintain their natural edge, Kelato set out to create a product that balances a horse’s mood – keeping them relaxed and alert. The result was BetaCALM Powder and BetaCALM Paste.

BetaCALM Powder offers a unique combination of four active ingredients, and herbal extracts, including:

Magnesium: For cell metabolism, especially in the nervous and muscular systems.

Vitamin E: A potent antioxidant that protects cell membranes.

Tryptophan: Inducing calm and relaxation by transforming into serotonin.

Thiamine: A well-known animal calming supplement.


BetaCALM Paste is a unique formulation containing the optimal level of tryptophan plus four herbal ingredients to provide an enhanced calming effect.

Tryptophan:  Converts into serotonin to induce calm and relaxation.

Black Cohosh: A herbal extract commonly associated with mild relaxation in periods of stress or anxiety.

Passion Flower: A herbal extract that supports a calm and relaxed disposition.

Hops: A herbal extract often recommended as a tool against anxiety and stress, hops has a calming effect.

Ginger Root: Is believed to aid in the availability of dietary nutrients for digestion and metabolism and to facilitate the utilisation of available energy resources, thus soothing the horse.


As riders and trainers, we’re usually the first to notice our horse’s spell of nerves. Their behaviour changes, they might stop eating or drinking, and the things that are so easy at home become hard to do well – or at all.

Whether it’s a visit from the vet or farrier, a stressful trip or an event that’s coming up, with BetaCALM Paste you can quickly focus your horses’ attention on the task at hand. It’s perfect for any stressful occasion, but especially for settling young stock, or calming nervy, stressed or ‘hot’ horses. This short-term paste formula is given in three, 10ml doses from an easy-grip syringe.

For longer-term transformation there is BetaCALM Powder. With effective levels of magnesium and vitamin E, it’s a balanced, cost-effective formula that’s easy to use – just top dress your horse’s feed.

BetaCALM is safe, not swabbable, and an Australian made and owned product.

While BetaCALM can make an important difference, remember that your horse’s mood depends on many factors – including diet, age, training, housing, existing pain and digestive conditions. Your horse will feel at its best when everything’s working as one. And so will you.


Better Calm Paste