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Horse leg health

Did you know that low-grade lameness could be indicative of a bigger problem such as Osteoarthritis (OA)? This isn’t very surprising as everyday activity and exercise can contribute to normal wear and tear in the joints.


Not just an old age problem….

A typical approach to equine joint care is to commence treatment once a problem (such as lameness) has arisen. While treatment can help to reduce joint pain, slow the progression of the disease and prolong the horse’s athletic career, this approach is flawed because you cannot cure or reverse OA. The adage prevention is better than cure could not be more applicable when discussing joint health. It’s important to remember that young horses can also be affected.


So, what can you do to help prolong your horse’s career?

In the equine industry, joint injections are often the first choice for the treatment of OA and are usually administered alongside oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). The overall goal of joint injections is to reduce inflammation and improve comfort, which they do provide. However, they do very little to change the situation. The joint will continue to deteriorate and the dependence on injections can increase with frequency. Remember, with joint health it is important to consider options to help reduce the risk of OA, rather than just trying to rectify the problem once it is present.


NutriFLEX can help

A combination of balanced nutrition, optimal body condition score, gradual increase in workload and an oral joint supplement, can help to reduce the risk of OA and prolong your horse’s athletic career. Kelato’s NutriFLEX is a high quality, broad spectrum joint supplement that provides the essential building blocks for strong and flexible tendons, ligaments, bones and joint cartilage. NutriFLEX contains a blend of amino acids, minerals and highly bioavailable glucosamine hydrochloride to aid in strengthening all leg structures.


Additional care from the ground up

Increasing your horse’s workload, competition season and travelling long distances generates a greater amount of stress on the delicate structures of the leg. During this time, the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue are at increased risk of strain or injury. Implementing a leg management programme involving rest and care will allow the legs to recuperate and reduce recovery time following exercise bouts.

There are many options you can consider for the routine care and management of your horse’s legs. Ice is the preferable cold therapy, but it is not always a convenient option. In this situation, a clay poultice may be a good alternative.



SwellDOWN is a special mixture of montmorillonite clay and unique ingredients that has a cooling effect on injuries often caused by hard knocks or jarring. The clay, used as a poultice, draws out heat and reduces swelling commonly generated at damaged sites to aid a more rapid recovery. It is fast, effective and an excellent tightener around knees, ankles and tendons.



BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE is an ultra-concentrated biotin supplement to support horses with poor hoof quality. BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE supplies biotin at levels shown by scientific studies to improve hoof strength and integrity. Research has indicated that supplementation with 20mg of biotin per day for at least nine months decreases the incidence of hoof cracks, less crumbling of the hoof horn, and greater tensile strength. Remember, you can only try to encourage better growth from the coronary band down and BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE will help to improve the growth of the new hoof horn.






HoofPRIME is a dressing formulated to penetrate the hoof wall and provide nourishment to the inner and outer structures of the hoof wall, ensuring that strength and flexibility are maintained. HoofPRIME only needs to be applied every second day – cut your costs and time in half!


Want to find out more?

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