HoofPRIME helps Comanche have healthy hooves again

Comanche’s hoof was a case for the text books


When your farrier says, “This case should go into the Hoof Books!”, you know something extraordinary has happened.


“The bacteria eating away at his hoof at the start was horrendous. Thanks to my liquid gold Kelato HoofPRIME for keeping the bad bugs away and from re-spreading into that crack. Just look at how far they have come!”


Owner Marcy, horse Comanche and farrier Don have been working together set on improving Comanche’s hooves. They began with very poor hoof quality – dryness, cracks, brittle walls and separating hooves.


With seedy toe and huge cracks in the coronary band adding massively to the problem, Marcy despaired whether Comanche’s hooves could ever be healthy again.




Researching for just the right product to help, HoofPRIME with its antifungal, antibacterial and all-weather properties and ingredients jumped out as superior to all other hoof oils on the market. Marcy started its easy application immediately. She could almost ‘see it working’.


At the next 4 weekly visit, her very experienced farrier, Don Touzel, was extremely happy with the progress he could see after just one month.


After 3 months, Don was blown away by the improvements in the crack. The huge second hole was almost out and the crack in the coronary band has sealed over, keeping the nasties out and infection at bay.


The amazing results seen by Marcy’s and Don’s own eyes have resulted in Comanche’s soundness and improved overall hoof condition.



Competing at Tonimbuk VIC, Comanche came home with the ribbons. At the start of this journey Marcy wondered whether here her Quarterhorse Comanche would ever be where he is now, let alone competing and scoring places at an A Show!


When you’re ‘over the moon’ at the rehab results and your farrier says ‘it’s a result for the textbooks’, you know you’re using the RIGHT product.


“I’m so glad he has come through his rehab so positively with the correct shoeing and hoof care product. In fact, hands down the best hoof oil on the market!”, says Marcy.



Strengthen, nourish and protect with HoofPRIME!

HoofPRIME Group


HoofPRIME is a dressing formulated to penetrate the hoof wall and provide nourishment to the inner and outer structures of the hoof wall, ensuring that strength and flexibility are maintained.

  • Strengthens, protects and nourishes the hoof wall
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties reduce the risk of infection
  • Great for use on cracked, dry, brittle hooves
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Can be used to provide protection after minor hoof damage and shoeing


And it’s so easy to get more out of each brush stroke:

  • Cleanse the horse’s hooves thoroughly, then apply HoofPRIME dressing with a brush. Cover the entire hoof, working well into the hairline and around the frog
  • Apply every alternate day under normal conditions or as required. May be used daily during dry weather or if the hooves are hard and brittle.

What’s next?

Join thousands of horse owners who trust HoofPRIME to nourish and protect their horses’ hooves. Head to kelato.com.au or get in touch at technical@kelato.com.au



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