The GastroAID Recovery transformation of Tooey

Sarah and her beautiful Quarter Horse Tooey battled with ulcers for over two years. Round after round of vet visits, medications, and money spent left Sarah nearly out of solutions – and options for Tooey. Nothing seemed to provide lasting relief for Tooey until she found GastroAID Recovery a solution that changed both their lives.

This is the story of Sarah’s resilience and Tooey’s (GastroAID) recovery.

“My Quarter Horse Tooey has been battling ulcers for just over 2 years. He has had countless trips to vets, so much medication and so much money poured into his recovery. Nothing seemed to help him long-term. Once Tooey was off treatment needles or pastes, he would revert back to having ulcers. The best I have been able to have him at was Grade 1 while still on prescription medication.

I changed his diet, and this seemed to help but as soon as he was back in work, we would go backward again.

I had worked in the stock feed industry for quite a few years and over this time have sold countless tubs of Kelato GastroAID Recovery. In my mind if prescription medication couldn’t help long-term, I was quite confident over-the-counter stuff wouldn’t.

However, I was at a point where I had run out of solutions, so I emailed Kelato.

Time to go to Kelato

I was advised to put him on GastroAID Recovery. This was his last shot as I was at my wit’s end and out of money.

I introduced it slowly with no problems. However, after a week or so, he refused to eat it. Twice a day I would make it into a paste, only going down this path as I had seen an improvement in him whilst I was introducing it.

In it for the long haul

I am now on my 3rd tub, and he still refuses to eat it, but the change in him has been remarkable. Now he has a good appetite, and 90% of his crankiness has gone. He is far happier in himself. Looking at his eye, you can see he is content. And he has a healthy coat.

Yes, the process of preparing the paste twice a day was time consuming and messy however, the positive outcomes for Tooey far outweighed any inconvenience. I don’t need to halter him to give him the paste he just stands there. He doesn’t spit it back out even though it can take anywhere up to ten 60ml syringes to get his amount into him, so it can’t taste horrible.

GastroAID Recovery is a WIN WIN

Since seeing the change in Tooey several of my friends have now started feeding GastroAID Recovery (their horses are happy to eat it) and they have all reported great signs. Tooey will remain on this indefinitely now. I am now onto the large GastroAID Recovery 10.5kg tub and split with a friend. It’s worked out way more cost efficient for us both and it will mean we will both have fresh GastroAID Recovery on hand.

Time to hit the road

We will be travelling east with our horses next April and prior to GastroAID Recovery I wasn’t going to be able to take Tooey so now I am delighted!

Considering 90% of the horses going will be on GastroAID Recovery and it’s something that they can be on long term without side effects, I have never been happier to have been wrong!

When I make Tooey’s GastroAID Recovery up into a paste for him, I can actually watch it thicken up so it’s easy to see how it helps line the stomach.

For anyone that thinks their horse may have ulcers I say give GastroAID Recovery a shot.

I cannot fault it. – Sarah and Tooey

GastroAID Recovery

Today, new research will continue to evolve the way we think about managing the return of ulcers in our horses.

The ulcer recovery road can be a long one for horse owners, the great news is GastroAID Recovery can help you navigate the journey from treatment to management and set your horse up for success!

Thanks to the newest published clinical research, only GastroAID Recovery is scientifically proven to minimise the risk of squamous ulcers returning in the crucial window after stopping omeprazole.

Read more about the newest research here or watch this short video where Professor Ben Sykes explains more.

What’s next?

Join thousands of horse owners who use GastroAID Recovery in their ulcer-prone horses. Head to or get in touch at

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