“GastroAID Recovery outclasses its competitors.”


As an equine owner/avid equestrian I have over the years joined the masses in the late-night ponderings of how to best solve varying perceived issues with one or more of my horses.

After many, many sleepless nights I spent a depressing amount of money trialling supplements recommended to me by other equestrians.

In this particular instance of trial and error, I was searching for a solution or even a speck of hope for my off-the-track thoroughbred I had recently bought who suffered from gastric ulceration. A very common problem it seemed from my research in the field.

I tried many of the reputable brands with minimal success. My new gelding (Mal – pictured) was turning into quite the dangerous specimen – he would do every stereotype under the moon. Pacing, weaving, windsucking, rearing, bolting, bucking, girthy, terrible for the farrier, striking out when attempting to float load him… the theme continued.


Mal - week one of ownership
Mal – week one of ownership


Despite the expense, I was determined to help my horse and wanted to gain more knowledge. It was mentioned to me that feed companies do dietary analysis at low cost if you approach them, so I started ringing around. Yes, other companies did give me dietary advice and yes, they did answer the phone. I tried a range of other products and found they either did not work or I almost felt obligated to use them as they were so beyond adamant no other product would compare.


After I gave up on the other brands and felt defeat in my stomach, it was time to call Kelato.

The phone call was amazing, they were so encouraging! I spoke to Kelato’s Technical Manager, and still do to this day. She was a breath of fresh air. She was knowledgeable without rubbing your nose in it; she did not make you feel negative; best of all she promoted Kelato products in a graceful way with true scientific backing. There was no obligation associated and I felt there was some hope. Well…


Mal - two weeks of TLC
Mal – two weeks of TLC


Within 48 hours, I had a different horse. He still paced – however, this was at a walk instead of the flat-out gallop/canter all day long. He also started relaxing and grazing more. He started to put on weight, was less reactive, and more secure in himself. He improved in every way and used to be a picky eater prior to GastroAID Recovery. The windsucking also reduced.


Mal - training out in public
Mal – training out in public


Since this first great success, I have used GastroAID Recovery for all my horses.

They are much happier on it. They can absorb their nutrition more effectively with a happy gut environment and it is also extremely palatable for those fussy ones. It is a must in my feed room and tool kit. I have used it on my “free” horses for retraining and rebreaking and it always amazes me just how much this product helps their recovery.

It is the first supplement I recommend to all my clients and random strangers alike; I think every horse needs a gut supplement in their life. My horses feel well and perform well on this. I can tell if they haven’t been on it as their bodies let me know.


Nowadays if Mal paces or windsucks more than once, I know he isn’t right so I immediately up the GastroAID Recovery and he’s right as rain. Within the day he is usually back up to “usual Mal” and I can go for a hack down the road, do some higher-level dressage, or go jump a course with confidence.

If anybody is having any issue with their horse – GastroAID Recovery will certainly never go astray as their gut health is so important. Almost every single issue with our horses can be related right back to how they are feeling internally.

The Kelato Team is super lovely and supportive; GastroAID Recovery is scientifically backed and peer-reviewed – unlike some competitors – giving me faith in the science behind the glowing steed in my paddock.


Mal - the XC machine!
Mal – the XC machine!


I wouldn’t back a company so strongly without doing my research. It feels wrong to follow along blindly.

I can confidently say after trying many other products, that Kelato truly outclasses its competitors with GastroAID Recovery.

– Emily and Mal


GastroAID Recovery

Today, new research will continue to evolve the way we think about managing the return of ulcers in our horses.

The ulcer recovery road can be a long one for horse owners, the great news is GastroAID Recovery can help you navigate the journey from treatment to management and set your horse up for success!

Thanks to the newest published clinical research, only GastroAID Recovery is scientifically proven to minimise the risk of squamous ulcers returning in the crucial window after stopping omeprazole.

Read more about the newest research here or watch this short video where Professor Ben Sykes explains more.



What’s next?

Join thousands of horse owners who use GastroAID Recovery in their ulcer-prone horses. Head to kelato.com.au or get in touch at technical@kelato.com.au



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