Why can’t I just make my own gut health supplement?

We often hear horse owners asking whether they can just go ahead and make their own homemade version of GastroAID Recovery.


Here are 5 reasons why you can’t make anything as effective as Kelato’s GastroAID Recovery at home!


  1. Proven success

It is always important to have each individual ingredient in a product supported by scientific evidence. However, what is even better than individual ingredient evidence, is clinical research backing the use of a completed product formulation of a product such as the recent study conducted on GastroAID Recovery.


In this clinical, peer-reviewed, and published study, the use of GastroAID Recovery reduced the recurrence rate of squamous ulcers in a high-risk population of racehorses. To read more on this research click HERE.


  1. Research-based level of ingredients

When developing a gut health supplement, a lot of time goes into determining the appropriate levels of each ingredient that should be included in the product. The levels of each ingredient in GastroAID Recovery are based exactly on what the research says works best!


When we attempt at-home gut health supplements, it is challenging to determine how much of each ingredient we need to feed to the horse to get the same results as GastroAID Recovery delivers.


Let’s use one of GastroAID Recovery’s key ingredients, pectin, as an example. Often, we hear that if you feed your horse two apples a day, feed beet pulp, or 2 tablespoons of any kind of non-specific pectin, then that means your horse is getting the same amount of pectin that is in GastroAID Recovery.


Unfortunately, this is not the case.


The specific type and level of pectin that has been chosen in GastroAID Recovery has to meet very strict specifications. In the product development world, specifications of an ingredient are set guidelines that determine if an ingredient meets the requirements needed to function in a specific way. Determining the appropriate specification of pectin in GastroAID Recovery has been developed over many, many years of research. So unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as going to your local wholefoods store and picking any pectin you see on the shelf to feed your horse.


Now naturally, we are unable to fully disclose the exact type and quantity of pectin we use in GastroAID Recovery, BUT here’s a hint… If you find pectin which doesn’t really cost that much, then you are going in the wrong direction and it is definitely NOT the same pectin that is used in GastroAID Recovery! Unfortunately, meeting all our pectin standards for GastroAID Recovery comes with a price.


  1. Guaranteeing quality standards

Kelato ensures high-quality standards by selecting ingredients and manufacturers that meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.


GMP standards guarantee ingredient quality and prevent product contamination, assuring you that the product or ingredient label accurately reflects the contents. To follow GMP standards the manufacturer is frequently audited to ensure quality standards are not lost.


Often if you buy your own individual ingredients, it is hard to guarantee GMP standards. For all you know that product or ingredient could be being made at someone’s house in their garage or kitchen!


  1. Cost consideration

Now, meeting the set standards, type, quantity, and quality of an ingredient, along with producing the product, is not cheap! If you find that you can make a gut health supplement that is relatively cheap, then it probably means you haven’t met all the above for each ingredient and there is a high chance you are using the wrong ingredient.


  1. Inconvenience

Creating a reputable, effective product like GastroAID Recovery involves extensive behind-the-scenes work. Making your own supplements is not always convenient, so Kelato eliminates the inconvenience for you by putting in the long hours of sweat and tears to bring you the best and most reliable gut health supplement we can!


Optimise GastroAID Recovery usage

Here’s a handy hint to extend the length of your GastroAID Recovery tub’s usage.


Once your horse is having amazing results after following the initial GastroAID Recovery directions, you have the option of reducing the amount you are feeding. When doing this, we recommend keeping a close eye on your horse. If their discomfort returns, this will mean you have reduced the feeding rate too much and you’ll have to increase it again.


This method allows for a personalised approach and an increased days’ supply of GastroAID Recovery.

GastroAID Recovery 


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