Fortunes favour the patient for Bobbing and Scone trainer Bernie Kelly.

Hailing from Scone racetrack in NSW, Bernie Kelly is a trainer who has the patience to take the time necessary for a horse to reach his potential. The recent run of Bobbing in The Kosciuszko at Randwick on the 19th of October shows that fortunes favour the patient.

Of his run in The Kosciuszko, jockey Koby Jennings says of Bobbing, “Absolutely outstanding. We know he’s going to be better as he gets to 1400m and a mile but that was about as good a first-up run as you can get from a horse. All concerned should be very proud of him.”

As a young horse Bobbing had issues early on in his career that kept him off the racetrack, but the horse’s connections were left with a fresh older galloper who overcame his problems and became a big – race threat. Kelly says, “It just goes to show how sometimes what you think is bad luck, can swing around in your favour.”

Run in a faster time than the Sydney Stakes, this year’s Kosciuszko (1200m) had everyone talking about Bobbing’s super run over the last 600m (32.58 seconds). His final 200m was accomplished in 11.01 and was just a fraction off the fastest of the day.

Happy with this result, Scone trainer Bernie Kelly says, “Bobbing has had difficulty in the past keeping condition on. He’s a finicky eater and will leave anything he doesn’t like in the bowl.”

Kelly got the hot tip himself when it was recommended he try ZanoBOLIC Concentrate with Bobbing and he says, “After only four weeks on it, the results have been very pleasing. He’s eating it up without any hesitation. His coat has darkened and best of all, he’s carrying more weight than normal, all good signs.”

“After The Kosciuszko result, I’m keeping him on ZanoBOLIC for now. So far so good, so why change what’s working?”

What is it?

ZanoBOLIC concentrate is a lysine and refined rice bran embryo extract (gamma oryzanol) supplement that aids in the development of lean muscle, topline and improves coat condition.

Gamma oryzanol is a crystalline powder separated and extracted from rice bran oil and rice embryo oil. The gamma oryzanol molecule has a similar molecular structure to a testosterone molecule, thus giving it anabolic properties. Gamma oryzanol contains two molecules – sterol and ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is a compound that possesses very strong antioxidant properties, while sterols have many biological functions – throughout nature they are the starting point for the creation and synthesis of hormones, which are pivotal to cell, muscle and body function.

Gamma oryzanol has a two-fold effect on high performance athletes:

  • Anabolism – Gamma oryzanol has a stimulant effect on growth, lean muscle mass and strength. It has an effect on the body’s endocrine (hormonal) system resulting in increased metabolism of fat and increased synthesis of protein. In horses, the effects of gamma oryzanol supplementation can be seen as an improved muscle to fat ratio (greater muscle definition over the withers, shoulders and hind quarters).
  • Antioxidant – During high intensity exercise, free radicals are released into the muscles and damage cell membranes. Antioxidants, such as the ferulic acid in gamma oryzanol, help to protect the membranes from the deleterious effects of free radicals.

Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated – only have to feed 10 – 30g per day! (No wastage)
  • Builds topline
  • Improves muscle mass and definition
  • Increases muscle strength and endurance
  • Improves performance
  • Highly palatable apple flavour / easy to feed
  • Stimulates and maintains the appetite
  • Coat enhancer / produces a winning appearance

Get powered by ZanoBOLIC concentrate.

ZanoBOLIC Concentrate

How does it work?

  • ZanoBOLIC concentrate is designed to target working muscles to assist in lean muscle development.
  • The gamma oryzanol, combined with exercise and a balanced high-quality diet, enables the body to increase lean muscle mass.
  • The strong antioxidant effect of the refined rice bran embryo extract aids in reducing muscle damage in hard working horses.
  • Can be used to improve coat condition and darken coat colour.
  • Stimulates and maintains appetite.

Want to find out more? Head to the ZanoBOLIC concentrate page, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email



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