Rozzie Ryan knows a winner!

“GastroAID is the headstart you need!”

Riding and training at the top of the equestrian world like Rozzie Ryan takes complete focus. This means there’s no room (or time) for anything that doesn’t make tangible improvements to you and your horses’ performance.

For this reason, Rozzie has always been careful about the products she uses. And even more careful about those she’ll champion. It’s been ten years since she last believed in a product enough to put her name behind it, but when she tried Kelato GastroAID she could immediately tell the positive impact it would have.

A lifetime around horses has given her a sixth sense when it comes to their wellbeing – she’s always on the lookout for those unexpected changes in behaviour, performance and condition that could be signs something isn’t quite right.

She knows that a horse’s fragile digestive system is often the culprit. Modern feeding and training habits can upset a horse’s digestive balance – so much so that 90% of racehorses experience stomach ulcers. The statistics are equally concerning for horses in other stages and disciplines:

  • 37% of sport and leisure horses
  • 50% of foals
  • 60% of horses in training and
  • 66% of endurance horses also experience EGUS.

Like Rozzie, you know your horses better than anyone. And you’re the best judge of how they’re feeling and behaving. But there are some common signs of digestive problems you can look out for, including:

  • Poor appetite
  • Irritability
  • Sudden change in behaviour
  • Sensitivity when girthing up
  • Loose manure
  • Dull / rough coat
  • Lack of energy
  • Poor performance
  • Cribbing / windsucking
  • Weight loss

When Rozzie discovered GastroAID Recovery, the effects were immediate and dramatic. Here was a formula that didn’t rely on one ‘miracle component’. Instead, a sensible combination of ingredients, built from tried and tested research and experience. These components work together to benefit every aspect of a horse’s complex digestive system – with Lecithin and Pectin not only reducing stomach irritation, but offering protection from the gastric acid which causes it.

Whether you’re gearing up for the Olympics and breeding for a national and international market like Rozzie, or simply enjoy your horse as a companion, we all want to know our horses are happy and healthy over the long term. That’s why we created GastroAID – products geared towards strengthening the digestive environment and promoting the growth of good bacteria.

If you’re ready to make a difference to your horse’s health and performance, Kelato GastroAID is the headstart you need.

They’ll feel so much better for it, and you will too.


Want to find out more? Head to the GastroAID Recovery or GastroAID Everyday page, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email

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