Get them right with GastroAID Recovery

“GastroAID Recovery. It’s “the one that’s made such a difference.”

When Hong Kong thoroughbreds reach the end of their racing career, caring owners entrust Amy Taylor, owner of International Thoroughbred Retirement (ITR), to prepare them for their next chapter in life. ITR’s mission is to give a retired racehorse not just a new home, but a successful and healthy future.

As a world first retirement program, Amy’s ITR cornerstones are Horse Welfare, Wellbeing and Integrity. With destination Australia or New Zealand on the horizon, she knows that some of her Hong Kong boys will be needing extra special ‘Tender Loving Care’ when they reach their new shores.

Amy says, “More times than not, these boys arrive much lighter than you would expect for an OTT Thoroughbred. It is a massive transition from their intense training schedules and high grain racing diets.

Many arrive with only a small percentage of body fat covering their bodies.

So many changes to contend with. They land here to a completely different feeding program from what they’ve been used to, from full work to no work and throw in a 23-hour plane ride, 4 weeks of quarantine, then sometimes another plane ride, if they are coming to Australia. Oh, and don’t forget, a change of seasons to top it off!

You’re bound to have a few that just don’t cope with all that going on! It’s so important to get them right – starting from the inside out, first and foremost.”

Amy’s tender loving care has a name. It’s GastroAID Recovery from Kelato Animal Health in Australia. It’s her go to product of choice to start them on the right track. THE ONE that’s made such a DIFFERENCE.

Amy fully recommends it because her boys, she says, are happier, healthy and eating well! “We are lucky to have the support of Kelato Animal Health for our Australian horses going into 2022.”  She looks forward to sharing more successes like that of Fresh Power B067!


Pictured here are three of the first stages of Fresh Power’s journey to his new home in Australia.


The first image shows him straight off the plane in New Zealand quarantine.


Next, after yet another flight, we see his arrival at Knights Equestrian QLD, for retraining.


The final image shows his stunning transformation from Off The Track Hong Kong thoroughbred to happy, healthy, polished, retrained mount ready to take on his next chapter in life. What’s not to love?

Watch out Australia, Fresh Power’s ready for more success!


Want to find out more?

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