Vets Agree GastroAID Everyday Helped Save the Day for Ethan and Jasper

Why Ethan Height recommends GastroAID Everyday and he’s not alone!

Eventer, trainer and Level 1 EA coach, Ethan Height, has three exciting young horses in his team hailing from Victoria. His main competition horse, Koyuna Enigma (Jasper), was hand-picked specially for Ethan by the Koyuna Stud as a yearling. Now 6, Ethan and Jasper are out competing at 1* with success coming their way regularly.

However, at the tender age of 3 Jasper suffered a puncture wound in his right shoulder which infected the joint so badly, he nearly died from it. He spent 3 weeks in intensive care at South Eastern Hospital on constant medication and antibiotics. Once released from hospital, he was stabled for 6 months.

Ethan says, “After the hospital and being stabled, Jasper continued to throw temperatures into the 40s for a week at a time, at least 4 times a year with no known cause – even after blood tests and vet consultations. He would constantly go off his feed and lost a lot of weight and muscle.

I discovered GastroAID Everyday as I had my brother who is a 4th year vet do some research into the best gut supplement and it was the best one he could find. He also spoke to some vet colleagues and they came back with the same verdict.

Since starting on GastroAID, he hasn’t had a single temperature episode and is now one of the best eaters on the property.”

Ethan reports Jasper is now just ‘much happier in himself’ and has a significantly improved coat.

As a coach, Ethan always recommends GastroAID Everyday to his clients because it’s a product he believes in and has had proven results with – just ask Jasper!


GastroAID Everyday provides your horses with the daily support it needs to maintain good gut health. Daily use of GastroAID Everyday can help to optimise total digestive function however, something particularly powerful for horses recovering from injury or illness and found within GastroAID Everyday is Melofeed®.

Melofeed® is derived from the pulp and juice of melons and is naturally rich in primary antioxidants. The antioxidants in Melofeed® stops the production of free radicals and protects cell membranes from oxidative damage. Along with great everyday gut health, this enables the horse’s body to better cope with stressors such as exercise and illness.

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