Pro-tips to keep your comp on track!

It’s that exciting time of year when lots of us are training, travelling and competing. After all your hard work and dedication, you have reached the day… competition day!

You have completed all the prep to set you and your 4-legged partner up for success, but you start to notice the early signs of fatigue are beginning to kick in. You notice your horse has come off the float a bit on edge or stiff from standing for long periods of time. Or has begun to show some mild signs of muscle soreness on day 2 or 3 of competition. What can you do to keep your comp on track? Kelato has tips from the pros to help keep your comp on track.

Pre-departure prep

If you know you will be floating for hours, prior to departure a supplement that provides amino acids, vitamins and potent antioxidants, such as MuscleGUARD Paste, can be fed before you leave. You might be thinking but why? All these great ingredients have a role in maintaining normal muscle and nerve function and can help to provide relief from acute muscle soreness and fatigue that your horse might feel after standing in a tight space for a few hours. This means once you unload, you’ll have peace of mind that your horse is going to be feeling his absolute best!

Pre-comp prep

Once you’re at the event, pre-competition prep is essential to reducing the chance of muscle soreness and decreased stamina and endurance. This is where MuscleGUARD Paste comes in handy! The paste can be fed 3-4 hours before the first event to prep the muscles for the intense exercise they’ll be experiencing. Immediately after your last test or event, the remaining paste is fed to rejuvenate the muscles to help with lactic acid buffering (if lactic acid is not buffered it causes muscle aches), delay fatigue and provide oxygen support to help with overall stamina and endurance.

BetaCALM Paste for fast-acting calm, when you need it most! If your horse is a little on edge from either being in a new atmosphere and environment or is new to the comp scene BetaCALM Paste is a great choice. This short-term, effective calming paste is specifically formulated for nervous, hot or stressed horses.

Mid-comp prep

As the competition days go on, your horse’s energy levels will naturally begin to deplete. This is where Voltage Paste can help! Voltage Paste gives the boost of energy your horse may need by delivering high-quality amino acids, B vitamins and Gotu Kola. After using Voltage Paste you will notice an improvement in mental alertness and concentration. This 100% natural, drug-free formula does not contain caffeine and will energise your horse without the fizz! Just feed Voltage Paste prior to your test or event to see its full benefit.  

Kelato Voltage Paste


 Jeremy Janjic of Janjic Performance Horses. NSW

“One handy little tip I’ve got is MuscleGUARD Paste. This is one of my favourite things to use because it just helps on those trips. We give half a tube before we leave and half a tube when we arrive. We’ve found it just helps prevents muscle soreness and provides a better recovery from the trip.”

Mary Warren of Mindarah Park. NSW

“For my team at competitions, I always use MuscleGUARD Paste for stamina and recovery and Voltage Paste for an energy boost.”

Karen Blythe of KMB Dressage. VIC

“One of our favourite Kelato products is the MuscleGUARD Paste for travelling especially to keep Sonic K in tip-top shape. We give it to him before we leave and again when we arrive and he’s a million dollars! We also love the Amino Acids in Voltage Paste to help with recovery after strenuous exercise. These are quality products and they really do work.”

Join the HUNDREDS of owners who never go without MuscleGUARD Paste, BetaCALM Paste and Voltage Paste on competition days.

To find out more, head to the MuscleGUARD Paste BetaCALM Paste and Voltage Paste pages, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email

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