Why Dr Andrea Boland trusts GastroAID

Equine Veterinarian Dr Andrea Boland BSc.BVMS talks to us about how veterinary knowledge of medication meets supplements and making the transition from medication to management in horses with EGUS and EGGD.

As a veterinarian, Dr Boland is really happy and confident to be able to recommend GastroAID Recovery and GastroAID Everyday to her clients, both on the racetrack and in the field saying “It’s just been unbelievable the turnaround!”

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GastroAID Recovery is Kelato’s ultimate supplement, targeting both foregut and hindgut health, and is designed for horses with EGUS, horses recovering from EGUS, or those under a significant amount of stress.

If your horse is prone to developing gastric ulcers, we recommend using GastroAID Recovery during stressful periods.

EGUS is an over-arching umbrella term that simply describes ulcerative, erosive and hyperkeratotic diseases of the stomach. The problem is, EGUS is often inappropriately or incompletely used. We now know there are very distinct differences between diseases in the upper squamous mucosa versus the lower glandular mucosa of the horse’s stomach. So, EGUS is now divided into Equine Squamous Gastric Disease (ESGD) and Equine Glandular Gastric Disease EGGD).

Implementing appropriate management practices is an integral part of improving stomach health and reducing the risk of ESGD and EGGD. Nutraceutical strategies play a role in this and leading equine veterinarians recommend GastroAID Recovery as part of your tool kit for managing ESGD and EGGD following treatment. Research has shown that the combination of ingredients in GastroAID Recovery had a significant protective effect in horses under high ulcerogenic conditions. The results were very encouraging and GastroAID Recovery provides horse owners with options following the use of veterinary medications.

The Benefits:

A healthy digestive system means a healthier horse. GastroAID Recovery will help bring your horse back to its full potential by:

  • Optimising total gut function
  • Protecting total gut health
  • Improving feed conversion efficiency

GastroAID Recovery helps your horse’s gut better cope with the stresses of exercise, stabling, travelling and competition. You will start to notice positive changes in your horse such as a better attitude, ability to perform, improved body condition, a glossier coat, increased appetite and manure consistency.

GastroAID Recovery

Horse doesn’t have ulcers, but still want to maintain good gut health?

GastroAID Everyday is formulated to maintain the health and function of the total digestive tract. GastroAID Everyday is particularly beneficial for hindgut health due to the unique powerful prebiotic and two live yeast probiotics. Just like our digestive system, the horse’s gut contains ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. The balance between these bacteria can be easily disrupted. If the presence of bad bacteria outweighs the good, it can negatively impact your horse’s well-being. An unhealthy gut means an unhealthy horse.

The Benefits:

GastroAID Everyday provides your horse with daily support by:

  • Maintaining total gut function
  • Enhancing total gut health
  • Optimising fibre digestion

GastroAID Everyday provides your horse with the daily support it needs to maintain good gut health. Your horse will show improvements in areas such as a healthier appetite, improved body condition, coat quality, behaviour, manure quality and overall well-being.

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