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Meet Otis!

Otis is a loving and caring 5 year old rescue Bull Arab. However like most dogs, Otis “suffered from some form of anxiety”. Otis’ owner Ashley took him to “see many behaviour vets, tried medications and managed his fear and triggers” as best she could.

Ashley was then recommended Kelato, and after only a “few weeks she noticed a considerable change to Otis’ overall state of being”. Saying that “he is much more calm inside the house and will switch off.” Furthermore Ashley pointed out that Otis is “more responsive and engaged outside of the home despite the presence of many triggers.” Ashley says, “They will continue with this product and highly recommends it.”

Give ANXIETY CARE a go for your pet and notice the benefits! It is useful to assist your pet during stressful periods such as separation anxiety, travel, fireworks and more!

Kelato Anxiety Care

ANXIETY CARE is a proprietary, synergistic blend of natural plant-based nutraceuticals and phytochemicals formulated by vets to assist the maintenance of calm behaviour and promote restful sleep in dogs and cats.

We love to receive messages like these. Thanks for your kind words Ashley and look at that smile on Otis.

To learn more about how ANXIETY CARE can help your dog or cat live a less anxious life, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email our team at petcare@kelato.com.au




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