Meet Dr David Ward, our IVC Specialist!

Dr David Ward (BVMS BScAgr MScVS Grad.Dip.Vet.Acup.CCRP) is the lead veterinary surgeon, physician and herbalist at All Natural Vet Care and has over 24 years of experience. He is passionate about delivering pet care in a safe and holistic manner that provides long-lasting well-being.

David has worked in a variety of veterinary practices gaining an “all round” perspective. His experience covers avian and zoo medicine, equine and cattle, with his focus now on small animal practice.

David’s passion involves mobility concerns, pain relief, dermatology, kidney disease and hormonal imbalance. His experience and passion help him drive a diverse range of treatments for his patients.

David takes an integrative approach, pulling from his holistic background across many animal species to deliver an individualised integrative care plan to improve health, wellness and vitality.



What is Integrative Veterinary Care?

Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC) provides 360-degree care that involves integrating conventional medicine with naturally-based formulations to provide long-lasting wellbeing to pets. IVC solutions provide patients with scientifically-backed formulas that are NATURALLY easy to use, effective and safe.


What is the main role of an integrative veterinarian like David?

All integrative veterinarians are qualified surgeons who not only treat patients with traditional westernised medications but determine appropriate treatment regimens. They are also looking at additional factors which might be contributing to disease such as nutritional, behavioural and environmental factors. IVC is implemented into the most common disease conditions seen in dogs and cats associated with dental, vision, ageing and cognition, liver, gut, mobility and anxiety.


Why David trusts Kelato’s IVC range

Kelato’s EXCITING comprehensive IVC pet care range is made exclusively for vets by vets. Each unique formula is a highly potent, scientific, synergistic blend of natural phyto- or plant chemicals and marine nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals. These supplements are natural, palatable, easy to mix into food and you only need to add a small amount to any diet. Unlike many supplements on the market each product can be used in both dogs and cats!

The range includes:


Brand new in 2022 the Kelato IVC pet care range is an exciting new comprehensive Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC) solution made by vets for vets to deliver long-term care from vet to pet.  Kelato’s IVC pet care range aims to provide vets and pets with scientifically backed formulas that are naturally safe, effective and easy to use. The Kelato IVC pet care range brings together the conventional veterinary approach to pet health care with nutraceutical supplements that are only available through veterinary practices.



Kelato’s IVC pet care range offers unique proprietary and synergistic blends that are safe and enhance health when facing the most common disease conditions of both dogs and cats such as dental, vision, ageing and cognition, liver, gut, mobility and anxiety.

That’s why the Kelato Pet Care IVC range as directed by your vet is the best way to naturally deliver the IVC holistic needs of your pet.

To find out more, head to, call 1800 KELATO or email



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