Less work, more play in just 3 days!

Vyta is a much-loved 8-year-old German Shepherd. She felt her role in life was to protect her owners and their property. After all, it’s in her DNA to be watchful and alert to potential intruders.

Her ‘sentry post’ with the best line of sight was the balcony. Surveying the neighbourhood, she would become very reactive to anything or anyone on the move, reserving special attention for those who passed by her house. When out walking, she’d get very worked up if dogs barked at her, taking quite some time to calm down.

Kiara, her owner, tried many ways to help reduce her reactive responses and enable her to be calmer. A friend recommended Kelato’s ANXIETY CARE, so she gave it a go.

Within 3 days, Kiara noticed a difference saying, “She was calmer with less barking. Sometimes, people would pass by without her verbal acknowledgment at all. She still had her protective traits and was responsive, but only when people physically entered the driveway.

Now when we’re out walking, she doesn’t give much attention to other dogs passing by, even if they bark. She seems happier and calmer and enjoys walks and playing a lot more.

Vyta and I recommend you give ANXIETY CARE a go. It worked for us.”

Try Kelato’s ANXIETY CARE. It can be used to support your pet during times of stress, such as separation anxiety, travel, fireworks and more!

Kelato Anxiety Care

ANXIETY CARE is a proprietary, synergistic blend of natural plant-based nutraceuticals and phytochemicals formulated by vets to assist in the maintenance of calm behaviour and promote restful sleep in dogs and cats. It is palatable and concentrated which means you only need to feed a small amount daily. Winner!

Want to find out more? Head to the ANXIETY CARE page, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email our team at petcare@www.kelato.com.au

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