5 natural and easy ways to prevent digestive issues in horses

Prevent digestive issues in horses

And GastroAID Everyday is one of them

You know when you see stunning horses with powerful muscles rippling under a sleek and shiny coat, looking the picture of health and happiness, and performing beautifully?

Chances are they’re fed on a diet that optimises their gut health for pure performance and health, to prevent digestive issues, allowing them to feel well and perform better.

A diet that includes Kelato Animal Health’s GastroAID Everyday.


Not a post-ulcer treatment

It’s important to note that GastroAID Everyday is not recommended to be an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff once the horse is displaying signs of poor gut health and reduced performance.

Rather, think of it as your horse’s new and improved lifestyle change to help with hindgut issues, scour, lack of condition, and performance or behavioural problems.

Just as we make a big New Year’s resolution lifestyle change to get up early, eat healthily, and work out every day, adding GastroAID Everyday to your horse’s feed daily is his lifestyle change.

And there’s more chance of sticking to it than to our own New Year’s resolutions!

Once a horse develops stomach ulcers, it’s important to treat them and allow them to fully heal. Kelato Animal Health’s GastroAID Recovery is an ideal post-ulcer product to help support your horse’s delicate gut during recovery. Check out our popular article ‘How to help your horse recover from stomach ulcers’ if you suspect your horse is suffering from them.


Prevention is better than cure

There are easy management and nutritional changes you can make to prevent your horse from developing digestive issues and we’re going to give you five of the best, most natural and safe ones here:

Provide adlib roughage: Horses are grazing animals, and their digestive systems are designed to be constantly working. Providing free access to suitable roughage such as hay or grass can help to prevent stomach acid from ‘splashing around’, which is a major cause of stomach ulcers.

A diet high in roughage = a healthy hindgut!

Reduce stress: Stress can be a major contributor to the development of digestive issues in horses. Always try to reduce stress in ways such as making sure your horse has plenty of turnout time, plenty of socialisation with other horses, and a consistent routine.

Feed little and often: Horses have small stomachs, so feeding smaller, more frequent meals can help to promote a healthy digestive system. Horses’ digestive systems need to be constantly working, so providing hard feed multiple times a day is far better than say, one big night-time feed.

Limit non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): The horse digestive system (much like the rest of them!) is very delicate, and NSAIDs can cause irritation to the stomach lining, which can in turn lead to the development of digestive issues such as stomach ulcers. If your horse needs pain relief, talk to your vet about how a gut health supplement can work alongside NSAIDs.

Add a supplement: Using a scientifically formulated feed supplement such as GastroAID Everyday can help to maintain the health and function of the total digestive tract of the horse. It not only promotes a healthy stomach lining and provides a ‘buffer’ for stomach acid but it is particularly beneficial for the hindgut, as it encourages an increase in the microbial balance essential for good digestion and health of the horse.

While following these tips can help to reduce digestive issues in horses, it’s important to remember that every horse is different. Some horses may be more prone to developing digestive issues than others, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your horse’s behaviour and work with your vet to develop a plan that’s tailored to your horse’s specific needs.


How GastroAID Everyday can help

Kelato Animal Health’s GastroAID Everyday contains a range of natural ingredients that work together to help support your horse’s digestive health, including:

Prebiotics: These help to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Calcareous marine algae: This helps to buffer stomach acid to maintain a healthy stomach environment.

Lecithin and psyllium husks: These help to strengthen the stomach lining, making it less susceptible to damage.

Levucell SC® live yeast probiotic: This helps to promote a healthy hindgut environment, by reducing lactic acid in the hindgut (stabilising the pH), and also stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria for optimal feed conversion efficiency.

Levucell SB® live yeast probiotic: This is key to helping to support scouring horses. This probiotic helps reduce gut permeability (keeping the bad toxins out!) and can help firm up manure.

Yang® prebiotic: This not only helps with maintaining proper hindgut balance but also helps to stimulate the immune system.

Melofeed®: This is naturally rich in antioxidants to enable the body to better cope with exercise and illness.

GastroAID Everyday comes in pellet form, so it’s super easy to add to your horse’s feed, reducing wastage and saving you money.

It’s non-swabbable so it’s safe for competition use, and is safe to feed – well, every day, even when using other supplements!


GastroAID Everyday

By using GastroAID Everyday in combination with our 5 natural and easy management and nutrition tips, you can help to keep your horse healthy and happy. Be sure to talk to your vet about whether GastroAID Everyday is the right choice for your horse, and always follow the recommended dosage instructions to ensure the best possible results.


What next?

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