Luna BetaCalm

Since she’s been on BetaCALM Powder, Luna has been a dream

A calm mind brings inner strength and confidence…just ask Mary Copeman and Luna.

Meet Mary and Luna

Luna was your typical OTT thoroughbred mare. She was very sharp with her back legs and would often kick even when touching the top of her rug or straps. She was very sensitive and would not tie up to a single tie without pawing, moving around, and calling out frantically. To ride, she was very reactive to environmental stimuli and generally just full energy and on edge.

Mary says, “Usually, I would work through these issues without feeding a “calmer”. However, after having a big accident in August last year, I wanted to try something to put my mind at ease and reduce the potential risk of something going wrong again. So, I tried BetaCALM Powder.”

Kelato BetaCalm

How BetaCALM Powder helped Mary and Luna most

“Since she’s been on BetaCALM Powder, Luna has been a dream. It took about a week for me to notice the change in her behaviour – which was most evident when she was tied up initially (I hadn’t started riding her then).

As I got more confident handling her, I began to ride and what a difference! It didn’t make her feel zoned out but just so much more in tune with my aids and focused on me rather than what was going on outside of our circle.

Turning the dream into a reality

I also paired BetaCALM Powder with GastroAID Recovery to make sure I was eliminating any potential behavioural issues that were linked to her gut health.

GastroAID Recovery

I cannot recommend GastroAID Recovery enough! It’s amazing! No more girthiness and the combo of GastroAID Recovery and BetaCALM Powder has allowed me to have the courage to get back on and ride my green OTT again.

It’s only the start of our partnership, but I’m excited to see how these products help us move from training at home to the show ring this season.”

We are excited for you too Mary! It’s truly amazing how a calm mind can give both horse and rider the inner strength and confidence to go forward.

What next?

You can find out more about BetaCALM Powder, GastroAID Recovery and other effective Kelato Animal Health products HERE or reach out to our team @

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