I’m so glad he’s on GastroAID Recovery, he’s improving every day!

‘Charlie’ was a happy, laid-back character just like any other young gelding. He spent time off our property and when he returned he was a different horse. Charlie was aggressive, unsettled and far from the laid-back horse I knew. For various reasons, one being transport stress, my vet and I decided to err on the side of caution and treat Charlie as though he had ulcers. He commenced on the veterinary treatment and I set out to find a long-term management solution for him.

Friends had recommended several supplements but when I researched them, I couldn’t find any solid evidence they worked. I went back to FeedXL to do research and read several articles on ulcers that I had earmarked. After reading the information I found, I decided to start Charlie on GastroAID Recovery.

Charlie has been on GastroAID Recovery for six weeks now and I have noticed a significant change in his behaviour. He is less aggressive at feed time, isn’t biting me and is becoming the laid-back character I know him to be.

Recently my farrier also commented that Charlie seemed more like the “old” Charlie.

I am confident that GastroAID Recovery has had a significant impact on Charlie’s recovery and stomach health. It’s simple to feed, readily accepted and has credible evidence to back up my findings. I’m so glad he’s on GastroAID Recovery, he’s improving every day!

I am so relieved to have a happy horse again.


GastroAID Recovery is Kelato’s ultimate supplement, targeting both foregut and hindgut health, supporting recovery from gastric ulcers and other common digestive conditions. GastroAID Recovery is unique as it provides the “coating agents” pectin and lecithin, which form a barrier over the stomach wall to help protect it from acid burn and strengthen the mucosal lining. It is designed for horses with Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), horses recovering from EGUS, or those under a significant amount of stress. If your horse is prone to developing gastric ulcers, we recommend using GastroAID Recovery during stressful periods.


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