Preparing Your Dog for Kennels

Summer holidays and sometimes unforeseen instances can mean you need to kennel your pet. Of course there are also other alternatives like having a family friend look after your pet or hiring a professional dog sitter but these aren’t always available. So how do we prepare our dog for kennels?

Choosing the best kennel for you and your pet

Many kennels offer a variety of support for your pet: from luxury stays to long walks and open play with other dogs. Finding the right one is important. Always make sure they are registered with the correct authorities as well.

Meeting the team

Once you have chosen your kennel, it is important for you and your pet to get to know the staff, surroundings and what is on offer. Once all of your questions have been answered, it’s time to meet the team. You could pop your pet in for a ‘day care’ experience or a one night stay to get them used to the kennel. This is often good for the kennels to see how the dog reacts to this time away from their family and how they can best support you and your pet.

Send a piece of home with them

When the time comes, pack something from home to make sure they feel comforted. An item of clothing, a favourite toy or their beds if allowed, just like you would a child. After all they are your fur babies.

Supplements can help

Kelato has an amazing product focussed on helping your pet remain relaxed. Kelato’s Anxiety Care is easy to mix with food, palatable and you only need to add a small amount to any diet.


Take a look at Anxiety Care, our supplement to help maintain calm behaviour and promote restful sleep.

Keep up to date on their happiness

Often kennels are happy for you to call at a specified time to find out how your pooch is faring. Make sure you confirm a time with them at drop off or prior.

Pick up

Remember to remain calm and to wait for your dog to be brought to you. Causing them to get over excited at collection can cause undue stress. Once at home, settle back into routine but remember, they will also need a few days to decompress just like humans do.



We hope these tips are helpful to you and your pup!


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