Top Tips for Caring for Nervous Dogs During Firework Season

Did you know that 40% of dogs are afraid of fireworks? They might look pretty but fireworks are a real trigger for nervous and anxious dogs. The loud noise and flashes of light can cause a noticeable change in behaviour, even for the most confident of dogs! You might find your dogs barking, whining and hiding behind the sofa, causing stress for both pet and owner.

To help you care for your dog during firework season, we’re sharing some of our top tips!

In the lead-up to fireworks, try and implement these tips…

Head for a walk. Let your dog relieve themselves before they’re in for the night. Take them out for a nice long walk before it gets dark. This will also wear them out a little bit too.

Seal any doggy doors or cat flaps. It might sound simple but during fireworks, some dogs might be on the lookout for an escape. Even if it’s something they’ve never attempted before, you never know how animals will react when scared.

Keep windows and doors shut. This will ensure any noises and flashes are kept to a minimum.

And when it comes to firework time… 

Keep your calm and carry on – if you start to act differently or become anxious yourself, your dog is bound to pick up on this, so try to remain as normal as possible!

Don’t tell your pup off – as this will only make matters worse. Reacting out of fear from a loud bang and bright flash is very common behaviour and telling your dog off will only increase their stress and make future events worse.

Create a safe space – such as a makeshift den for your hound to escape to when they’re feeling scared. You can also fill this with their favourite toys and familiar smells such as a blanket or jumper.

Reassure your dog – play with them and treat them. Try to make them as comforted as possible during this stressful time.

Turn the TV/radio on low – this will help to distract your dog from the loud noises.

Don’t let fireworks ruin your night. With a little preparation, you can help to ensure your dog is feeling safer and calmer during these challenging months.

Can supplements help? While behavioural approaches and medical solutions are beneficial, nutritional support can also be considered in supporting an anxious or stressed dog or cat.

Kelato Anxiety Care, with its proprietary TensitEASE blend, is a synergistic blend of natural plant-based nutraceuticals and phytochemicals to assist the maintenance of calm behaviour and promote restful sleep in dogs and cats. Kelato’s Anxiety Care is safe and easy to mix with food, palatable and you only need to add a small amount to any diet.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and your pup!

To find out more about Kelato’s Anxiety Care supplement here or head to, get in touch on 1800 KELATO or email

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